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Sonic Tube Map [2009]


1. Plug headphones into the computer if possible.

2. Select the stations you'd like to visit by clicking on the circle next to their name. Selected stations will turn red. Your route will be determined by the order in which you select the stations.

2. Press the 'Play' button above these instructions, your sonic journey through London will begin. Each station's circle will pulse while the train is stationed there.


Due to the nature of the binaural recording, the Sonic Tube Map is best heard using headphones.

If you make a mistake while selecting your route, click the 'Clear route' button to begin again.

Volume can be adjusted using the slider below the 'Play' and 'Clear route' buttons.

See the 'Background' page for a list of the stations featured in the Sonic Tube Map project and a description of their corresponding sounds.

Created by Samuel Shelton Robinson. Adapted for the web by Brian Gruber.