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About the project

What is Working to Work?

In September 2023, I launched Working to Work, a multi-platform interview series exploring the challenges and successes, in both employment and the broader construct of work, faced by individuals with a neurodivergent status or related characteristics.

Working to Work is not exclusively focused on Autism or any other conditions that may typically represent neurodivergence. Instead, it explores how certain ways of thinking, behaving, learning, and communicating — variations often deemed ‘neurodivergent’ in contemporary discourse — can creates barriers to fulfilling employment when not accepted, appreciated, or accommodated for. The project investigates the impact such changes have on the lives of those affected.

Another objective involves exploring the conditions and approaches to work that empower individuals with neurodivergent characteristics to excel in employment and other work-related pursuits. The aim is to understand how individuals can authentically present their strengths and unique attributes as valuable and distinctive. In addition I am interested in understanding how individuals harness their abilities to drive their own projects and endeavours, be it in entrepreneurship, the arts, or any other pursuit.

Working to Work also examines existing initiatives aimed at raising awareness and addressing the challenges faced by many neurodivergent individuals in securing fulfilling work. It will highlight key strengths and how they can be, and are being, utilised. The series will feature discussions with a diverse range of individuals, including those seeking work, those currently employed, employers, policy makers, activists, facilitators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

Through authentic and nuanced stories and insights the series seeks to cultivate greater awareness and appreciation for neurodivergent strengths and perspectives in the workplace, and inspiring positive changes in workplace attitudes, policies, and practices. Steering clear of pathologising differences, the series seeks to be accessible and reach individuals who may not have identified their challenges through a diagnosis or discovered the broader understanding of neurodiversity but can find value and connection in hearing relatable experiences. Ultimately, the series aspires to be both enjoyable and impactful, celebrating everyone's unique strengths.

Why this project?

Despite some successes, I've had to take unconventional routes to accomplish what I have, as conventional paths didn't feel applicable, and barriers hindered access to my creative career.

In 2022, following an especially arduous situation, I became determined to channel these challenges into creative outlets. Recognising commonalities between my employment-related struggles and those faced by individuals with similar conditions, I envisioned a platform for individuals to share their challenges, successes, and ideas.

This project aims to explore and understand the conditions and approaches that empower neurodivergent individuals in employment, fostering a progressive and inclusive discourse. Through these shared experiences, the project aims to contribute to a constructive dialogue on accessibility and inclusivity in the broader landscape of employment.