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In September 2023, I launched Working to Work, a multi-platform interview series exploring the challenges and successes faced by individuals with a neurodivergent status or related characteristics in both employment and the broader construct of work.

The project does not fixate on specific neurodivergent conditions; rather, it investigates how varying ways of thinking, behaving, learning, and communicating—categorised as 'neurodivergent'—can create barriers to fulfilling employment. The series aims to understand how individuals can authentically present their strengths and unique attributes.


Through nuanced stories and insights, Working to Work seeks to cultivate awareness, inspire positive changes in workplace attitudes, and be accessible to individuals who may resonate with its themes, whether or not they have identified their challenges through a diagnosis.

The series aims to include discussions with individuals seeking work, those currently employed, employers, policy makers, activists, facilitators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and coaches, among others. It celebrates everyone's unique strengths while offering a varied range of insights and perspectives to foster understanding and inclusivity in the realm of work.

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