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Selected multimedia projects

Our Mind's Eye (2019)

Commissioned by the ICA and BBC for the New Creatives programme I facilitated the production of Our Mind's Eye. In this collaboration with Raw Sounds artists Hani Malcolm-Ibrahim, Rowan Bhatti, Nicola Laughton & Skye Moseley we produced a sonic exhibition that discusses social norms, identity politics, mental health, and more.

ICA Transmission II
Raw Material

Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy (2018)

Commissioned by Tate to produce the innovative immersive diary-esq audio guide I pitched for the ‘Picasso 1932’ exhibition.

Audio guide: Example for Le Reve (pictured left)

The podcast explored the nature of creativity and inspiration, demystifying process of artists such as Picasso.

Podcast: Where does inspiration come from?

Tate website

The Hidden World of Girls: My Mother (2011)

The first of many collaborations with National Public Radio producers Kitchen Sisters series,

My Mother was part of the 'The Hidden World of Girls' series produced from submissions from the Kitchen Sisters / NPR message line for Mother's Day 2011.

More Kitchen Sisters collaborations

A Seat in Soho: Thien Tran (2022)

In this poignant piece, long-time Soho resident Thien Tran discusses the challenges of moving to the UK from Vietnam in the 1980s, coping with the loss of partners, and his connection to the local community.

A commissioned piece for the 2022 multimedia exhibition A Seat in Soho; celebrating the voices, history and diversity of Soho’s lesser-known but two and half thousand-strong residential community.

Soho Housing

My Synthetic Thoughts (2023)

A recently completed soundpiece, selected for the Radiophrenia art radio station 2023.

In My Synthetic Thoughts the protagonist grapples with puzzling experiences, seeking meaning in a labyrinth of mental health, medication, memory, and the subconscious. Amidst the fog of unresolved time, their quest for understanding and peace becomes a poignant journey, revealing the intricate tapestry of their psyche.

Selected multimedia projects

Sonic Tube Map (2009)

sonic tube map image

An interactive User Interface, originally created with MaxMSP and built with Java for web.

Users determined their own unique binaural sonic journey though London, by selecting stations on a map of the London Underground.

"Imaginary Journey #1" featuring: Gloucester Road, Notting Hill Gate, Edgware Road, Regents Park, St Pauls, Marble Arch, Embankment, Holborn, Southwark, Convent Garden, Earls Court.

Sonic Tube Map

BUSK (2010)

A sample-based project exploring the re-contextualisation of sound and audiences' perception; performed using a sampler and projector with audio and video sourced from street performers.


Development & performance

Compositional example

Working to Work (2023-)

Working to Work: A Neurodivergent Journey through Employment is a project I started production in September 2023 after a year of planning.

It explores: the direct and indirect challenges experienced by many neurodivergent-status individuals related to obtaining and maintain gratifying employment; instances where strenghts are recoignised and valued, and explores solutions to make work accessible to neurodivergent people.


Episode one featuring Sir Robert Buckland MP, Lead of the Government's review into Autistic Employment

Selected musical output


The Sculpture Garden (2020)

"...Moving between readymade pop classicism and minimalist punk riff-outs - with a TLC cover in the form of "Unpretty" along the way - The Sculpture Garden is a strange and intimate pleasure."

— Byron Coley, The Wire 434

"...This is a compelling project —a collection of dreamy home recordings spanning five years and two continents -moments worthy of commercial stardom woven into ten indie/pop tracks..."

— Robert Collins, Maximum Rocknroll 445

Scrapbook 2008-2014 (2014)

"...This truly is a scrapbook of sonic treasures and if you accept it as though it were a mixtape a friend made, it feels just as personal..."

Guide Me Little Tape

"...After writing this review, I found myself returning to this collection often.... this is the best cassette issue I've heard so far in 2016. Highly recommended..."

Cassette Gods

Selected film work

Mr Foggy's Neighborhood (2016)

A short film commissioned by the Clement Street Merchant's Association documenting the painting of a mural in San Francisco's Richmond District by artist, Jason Jagel.

ActiveStills: Photography for Social Change in Israel and Palestine (2014)

Produced for Catchlight with photographs and words from Oren Ziv.

Oren Ziv is founding member of ActiveStills, a photography collective made up of Palestinian, Israeli, and international documentary photographers.