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A Legacy of Kindness: The Story of The Trans Charity Gires

Collaborated with Series Producer Lucia Scazzocchio on thus podcast series chronicling the important history for the Trans research charity, Gires. The six episodes are now available on the LoK website, and also on podcast apps. Episode 2: Trans at Work is embedded below.

Sound Deisgn and Music Composition. 2023

Clean Break Podcast

Comprised of poetry, personal writing, interviews, and covering themes of Sisterhood, Damage and Blood, this podcast is a collaboration between Clean Break members and Producer Milly Chowles

Series Editor (season 1), for Clean Break. 2019.

How Do We Solve A Problem Like...

Are we facing a loneliness epidemic? How can the UK be struggling with both childhood obesity and hunger in our schools? What needs to change to stop knife crime? We hear from those working on these challenges in “How Do You Solve A Problem Like..?”, documentary podcast series.

Each episode features dedicated enterprising people who are using big ideas to tackle social challenges in innovative and unusual ways.

Social Entrepreneur in Residence, Milly Chowles, travels across the UK, meeting with these leaders of social change who have created remarkable ‘business for good’ ventures.

Series Editor (season 1), for Unltd. 2019.

Mothers of Invention

A podcast on feminist climate change solutions from (mostly) women around the world. Hosted by Mary Robinson and Maeve Higgens

Series Editor (season 1), for Doc Society. 2018.

Where does inspiration come from?

In 1932 Pablo Picasso experienced a burst of creativity. But where does such inspiration come from? Artists, musicians and writers unravel some of the myths around creativity. How we can unlock our powers of invention and overcome a creative drought?

A Resonance production, produced by Samuel Robinson for Tate. 2017.

Rebuilding Life After Prison

Hardly a day goes by without headlines reminding us of the huge challenges facing the UK’s prison service. The system depends on having the right staffing and the right resources in place. But it also depends on prisoners being able to develop – and sustain – positive relationships.

In this four episode series, Rachel O’Brien explores some of the connections that have helped people rebuild their lives.

Produced for the RSA by Samuel Robinson. 2017.

Sixty Seven

Seven part series. Andrew Loog Oldham, legendary first manager of The Rolling Stones, record producer and raconteur, explores the year of the appearance of the American Hippie - its music, politics, lifestyle, hopes and drugs. Drawing on Danny Goldberg's In Search of the Lost Chord, Eric Luft's Die at the Right Time and Harvey Kubernik's 1967 - A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love.

Produced by Samuel Robinson for Resonance, 2017.

Dirty Soup meets Steve Nieve

Watchable’s Theo Delaney met up with musician and composer, Steve Nieve. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Nieve has been a key member of Elvis Costello and the Attractions, playing keyboard instruments on most of Costello's seminal work.

Nieve has also experienced success as a prolific session musician, featuring on a wide array of notable recordings. Theo spoke to Steve about his musical journey, from imaginary pianos in Bexley Heath, through the Royal College of Music, to recording in Nashville, and developing his own opera. We start at the beginning…

Produced for Dirty Soup by Samuel Robinson. 2016.

Dirty Soup Present: Vince Aletti's Dirty Disco

First Podcast in a new series commissioned by Dirty Soup.

"Recently Dirty Soup had the pleasure of speaking with Vince Aletti, the renowned former Rolling Stone writer, notable for being the first person to document Disco for the magazine.

Vince was also a senior editor at New York’s Village Voice for almost 20 years, where in his early days he wrote about the emerging dance scene in clubs like The Loft. He currently reviews photography exhibitions for the New Yorker magazine.

We asked Vince to create a list of his favourite Disco tracks and to speak about what makes them special. He tells us how the depth of Disco’s message, and musical innovation, was never truly appreciated at the time, and how it’s influence and push for positivity and acceptance resonate more than ever in today’s music and society.

Produced by Samuel Robinson for Dirty Soup. 2016.