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Wavelength is a programme on Resonace FM of multiple agendas presented by William English. I currently host and produce one epsidoe a month, the most recent of which is embedded below. Please click here for the archive of my Wavelength episodes.

Produced by Samuel Robinson for Resonance FM, 2023 -

A Seat in Soho: Thien Tran

'A Seat in Soho: Thien Tran' is a firsthand profile of long-time Soho, London resident Thien Tran. In this poignant piece, Thien discusses the challenges of moving to the UK from Vietnam in the 1980s, coping with the loss of partners, and his connection to the local community.

Produced by Samuel Robinson and featuring music by Milo Thesiger-Meacham, 2022 A Seat in Soho was a multimedia exhibition celebrating the voices, history and diversity of Soho’s lesser-known but two and half thousand-strong residential community. Created and Produced Stella Cecil and Tiphaine Tailleux.

The Joy of 18

Recollections of what brought people joy when they were 18. Composed in an Exquisite Corpse style. Produced in celebration of the 18th birthday of Resonance FM. It aired on the station on the 1st May 2020 alongside numerous other notable tributes. See here for a complete rundown, and listen here to hear the piece included in a compilation show of short pieces produced to mark to the occasion.

Produced by Samuel Robinson, with music by Daniel R. Wilson. 2020.

BBC New Creatives: Our Mind's Eye

Produced in collaboration with the ICA and BBC for the New Creatives scheme, 'Our Mind's Eye' is a collaboration with Raw Sounds participants Hani Malcolm-Ibrahim, Rowan Bhatti, Nicola Laughton & Skye Moseley to produce “Our Mind’s Eye” an audio exhibition that discusses social norms, identity politics, mental health, and more.

The project showcases how the artists “see the limitations but don't accept them as reality” using art, media and music to produce an emotive and immersive body of work. This audio exhibition takes the listener on a number of stops across three different rooms, demonstrating each artist's personal relationship to the destination. Explore their interplay between mental, physical, and emotional states.

Produced by the Raw Sounds collective in collaboration with Samuel Robinson. 2019.

The Bob Dylan Archive: A Curveball Comes To Tulsa

"It may come as no surprise but Bob Dylan is a Keeper. Bob and his team have been archiving his music, notebooks, paintings and journey for some five decades. Thousands of artifacts comprise this collection of American treasure. Bob kept just about everything — a massive private archive of a notoriously private person housed in storage facilities in New York, Minneapolis, Malibu and Jersey. So it made headlines when word got out that this secret archive had been sold and was headed to its new permanent, public home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A curveball nobody saw coming.

Some archives are for scholars — devotees of a writer, scientist or historical figure. Some archives are tourist attractions. Few are part of a vision for the civic rejuvenation of a once-thriving American city."

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters in collaboration with Samuel Robinson and Olivia Ware. Part of The Keepers series on 'The Kitchen Sisters Presents...'. A Radiotopia podcast. 2019.

How Did We Get Here? Keith Flett's Guide To Real Ale

Hosted by Keith Flett, serial letter writer to the Guardian, trade union officer, socialist historian, and beard advocate.

Flett lays bare the contentious discourse surrounding 'Real' Ale and Craft Beer and examines beer's societal significance including how the increased choice and changes in taste and consumption mirror that of 21st Century Britain.

The Guardian described this progamme as the best radio of the week.

Producer, for Resonance. 2017.

Sixty Seven with Andrew Loog Oldham

Seven part series for Resonance FM. Andrew Loog Oldham, legendary first manager of The Rolling Stones, record producer and raconteur, explores the year of the appearance of the American Hippie - its music, politics, lifestyle, hopes and drugs.

Series Producer, for Resonance. 2017.

Rose Droll & Boy Scouts: Central Valley Folk

Rose Droll and Taylor Vick (Boy Scouts) are musicians living in San Francisco’s foggy overcast Sunset District where they write, record and perform their own original songs.

Their music shares in varying quantities a tender, raw, subtle, honestly, introverted with no signs self-indulgence or pretentiousness. It fuses everyday imagery and honest lucid emotion with humour and sincerity and all coated with the warmth of Garageband production.

In this piece Taylor and Rose discuss their their friendship, music making process, and reflect on how growing up in their native Central Valley region of Northern California influenced their music.

Produced by Samuel Robinson. 2017. Thanks to Brandi Howell.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The San Francisco Poet's Street-Corner Oasis

On a street-corner, amidst the pigeons, San Francisco’s invisible stars shine. Around 10pm every Thursday, at the nondescript intersection of 16th & Mission in San Francisco, regulars, newcomers, and intrigued passers-by gather around an intricate chalk circle drawn on a concrete plaza; a long-running freeform street happening welcoming poets, musicians, comedians, and all forms of creative expression is about to start.

Produced by Samuel Robinson. 2017. Thanks to Bayley McMillan.

Welcome To Heidelberg

Lori Saginaw leads us on a tour through Detroit's Heidelberg Project where Tyree Guyton transformed the decrepit houses and streets into colourful large-scale art pieces. The project functions as both a commentary of the problems of the city's past and present, and a vehicle to improve the lives of people and neighborhoods through art.

Produced by Samuel Robinson and the Kitchen Sisters .2017.

Between Us, Bread and Salt - Kamal Mouzawak: A Lebanon Kitchen Vision

A road trip through the hidden kitchens of Lebanon, with kitchen activist, Kamal Mouzawak, a man with a vision of re-building and uniting this war-ravaged nation through its traditions, its culture and its food. We visit farmer’s markets, restaurants, and guest houses known as Souk el Tayeb that he and his kitchen community have created.

This story is part of Hidden Kitchens: War and Peace and Food, a series of stories about food and conflict, about the role food plays in helping resolve conflict between nations and communities, or in creating it.

Produced by Samuel Robinson and The Kitchen Sisters. 2016

War and Peace and Coffee

As heard on NPR's Morning Edition.

"Nobody can soldier without coffee,” a Union calvary man wrote in 1865. Hidden Kitchens looks at three American wars through the lens of coffee: the Civil War, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

This story is part of Hidden Kitchens: War and Peace and Food, a series of stories about food and conflict, about the role food plays in helping resolve conflict between nations and communities, or in creating it.

Produced by Samuel Robinson and The Kitchen Sisters. 2016.

Theatre For The Ears: The San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Profile of the annual San Francisco Tape Music Festival.

"America's only festival devoted to the performance of audio works projected in three-dimensional space, The San Francisco Tape Music Festival features three distinct evenings of classic audio art and new fixed media compositions by 20 local and international composers. Hear members of the SF Tape Music Collective, along with guest composers, shape the sound live over a pristine surround system consisting of 24 high-end loudspeakers while the audience is seated in complete darkness. It's a unique opportunity to experience music forming - literally - around you."

Features: Luciano Berio "Visage", Pamela Z "De-Spangled" and Hugh Le Caine "Dripsody".

Produced by Samuel Robinson. 2014.

The Kitchen Sisters Present: Rattlesden

"For five years Davia’s father, Lenny Nelson, asked her to go to Rattlesden, England, to visit the Air Force base where he was stationed during WWII and to find an old photograph hanging in the town pub honoring his 8th Air Force squadron. It was still there, over 50 years later, he told her. Finally, one fine Sunday, Davia headed out in search of the pub and a piece of her father’s past—the piece he was proudest of.

Lenny died on Christmas Eve 2015. In his honor, we share the journey with you."

Produced by Samuel Robinson and The Kitchen Sisters. 2013.

Never on Sunday: The Hidden World of Elena Fonseca

Part of the series the Kitchen Sisters series 'The Hidden World of Girls'

"A year ago March we were in Uruguay. In a big gathering of people someone brought us over to the most gorgeous woman in the room. Her name was Elena Fonseca and people thought we should meet because Elena produces a daily women’s radio show in Monte Video. Elena is 81 and has led an intriguing, powerful life. Once she began to tell her story we knew we had to interview her for the Hidden World of Girls."

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters and Samuel Robinson. 2012.

Busking In Vegas: The Journey Of Marc Drama

Competing with all the lights and noise - it takes a brave person to busk on Freemont street, Las Vegas - but armed with just an acoustic guitar and his lungs, Mark Drama is determined to be heard. In this piece Marc talks about his journey through life thus far, his passion for music and performing and a recent chance encounter with comedian Russell Brand.

Produced by Samuel Robinson. 2012.

Hidden World Of Girls: My Mother

Part of the series the Kitchen Sisters series 'The Hidden World of Girls' . Produced with phonecalls recorded with from the Kitchen Sisters / NPR message line for Mother's Day 2011.

Produced by Samuel Robinson and The Kitchen Sisters, with mixing assistance courtesy of Jim McKee. 2011.