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Wavelength archive

Friday 30 June 2023

Free from the felt need to introduce oneself, Sam turns his attention to introducing others, like this week’s Wavelength guest, Audio Producer and Cultural Archivist, Brandi Howell. Brandi is the creator of the engaging music and cultural history podcast ‘The Echo Chamber’. Join Sam and Brandi as they discuss episodes including the "soft power" vehicle of Dave Brubeck’s ‘Jazz Ambassadors’, the Beach Boys influenced left-field Japanese punk band that supported a breaking Nirvana, and how to realise passion projects around other work. For more information visit theechochamberpodcast.com.

Friday 26 May 2023

On this week’s Wavelengh Samuel Robinson remembers his manners; in particular that he has not properly introduced himself to listeners. To make amens Sam dedicates the whole programme to elevating — and pontificating on — all things ‘introduction'. The programme includes a first airing of Sam’s sound-piece ‘Intro’; a work-in-progress intended to glorify the endangered art-form of the pop song intro.

Friday 28 April 2023

Samuel Robinson keeps William’s metaphorical seat warm and speaks with ‘Sounds and Space’ co-founder Sian Rees in this week’s Wavelength. Sounds and Space (an ‘arts project with a global focus’) hosts the monthly world music event ‘The People’s Sessions’ in Peckham, performances from which are included in this episode alongside discussion of the challenges and reward of realising one’s inner passions — and the value celebrating incremental achievements. For more information visit instagram.com/soundsandspace.

Friday 31 March 2023

Sam’s takes up William’s temporally vacated seat for this week’s episode of Wavelength in which he speaks with Brixton-based left-field hip-hop musician, Hani aka Anacusis. In amongst first airings of some new works in progress Sam and Hani discuss the creative process, representing personal challenges sonically, and the viability of presenting oneself as a multi-dimensional person in one's art. For more of Hani’s music search ‘Anacusis’ on all major streaming apps.

Friday 13 January 2023

Samuel Robinson takes the reins and, accompanied by makeshift interviewer Daniel Wilson, presents an experiment in chain composition between eight participants (a concept previously spoken about on a Wavelength episode from October 2021 also featuring Sam). Ideas of editing and its value judgements are discussed and subverted in this collective work made exclusively for Wavelength. Features contributions from Dan, Laurie, Ki, Milo, Hani, Emily, and Ben. Produced by Sam. 

Friday 8 October 2021

This week, otherwise preoccupied with editing an upcoming film, William hands the reins to sound artists Samuel Robinson (aka Kalou) and Daniel Wilson. Sam presents two distinct modes of collaborative composition, revealing some very human and hermetic experimental pieces not specifically intended for a wider listening public.

Friday 31 January 2020

William was joined by Sam Robinson (also known as 'Kalou’), who releases tapes of upbeat songcraft composed with the medium of cassette firmly in mind. Dan Wilson, who has a cameo on the Kalou album, also joins the discussion. As Kalou, Sam Robinson works with a post-modern pot-pourri of techniques, producing an eclectic range of musical moods; plunderphonic lucky dips; the catharsis/neurosis inherent in 'pop'. The show features Kalou's album, 'The Sculpture Garden’, which is still available at https://www.kalou.co.uk/