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What is SF Street Songs?

Put simply SF Street Songs is a project thats aim is to document the songs of the various musicians playing on the streets of San Francisco.

Like most of San Francisco, we spend much of our time hopping on and off of trains and buses, walking long hills and pushing through crowded streets. This project celebrates street musicians who score our daily commutes. 

We want to reach as many SF street musicians as possible and get them to dial us up on their cell phones, friend’s phones, pay phones, whatever and perform their favorite song on our designated SFSS answering machine.

How does it work?

Musicians are given flyers and encourged to call our local SF number. They will be greeted by our charming answering machine message and asked to record their song after the 'beep'.

Once recorded the musician hangs up and when we have a full tape we transfer the songs onto the computer.The songs will be compiled into a compliation and made available for streaming on bandcamp (and possibly other sites) on a 'pay-what-you-want' basis and potentially as part of a limited run of cassette and CDs.

All songs will be credited where possible - this project is NOT FOR PROFIT. Any revenue from digital copies of the compilation will be donated to and any profits going to San Francisco homeless charities. Revenue from physical medium sales will first be use to cover production and shipping costs with any profit also donated to charity.

How can I submit a song ?

If you're a musician who performs on the streets of San Francisco then CALL US at 415-592-9582 !

Be prepared to perform over the phone onto the answering machine. Before you start playing give us your name or the name of your group, the name of the piece you’re playing and how we can get a hold of you. Please keep your song under 3 mins.

Feel free to give the info to your friends who also play so they can also call us. We want as wide and diverse a range as possible.

Anything else?

For those curious to record calls we're using a vintage 1970s PANASONIC Easa-Phone KX-T1520 bought in the local Salvation Army.


The benifits of using this machine include it's warmth and use of regular-sized cassette tape. Also, it's pretty.

How can I get in touch with you?

♠ If you're not a street musician but are stoked to hear the finished project, send us an email at: sfstreetsongs@gmail.com and we’ll let you know when the bandcamp page is up and the comp is available.

♠ To help spread the word you can download a pdf of the flyer in case you want to print some out and distribute yourself! Right click HERE and click 'save' to download or click to the image below to view/print.

If you recorded a song and no longer want it features in the project or you have another reason for wanting to contact us then please email us at sfstreetsongs@gmail.com. The phone number is only for recording (we don't answer it, that's the KX-T1520's job).

Cheers, Al & Sam