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Letter to a friend

Tuesday 2nd July 2024 16:28 (BST)

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your support and dedication to this blog (of sorts).

What do I have to offer you by way of an update?

I went to Bucharest for Grand Prix Nova. It was an enjoyable experience — a week spent with a collection of Radio Producers from all over Europe. Talented people. Kind people. My piece won the Bronze award in the short pieces category, and I appreciated the positive reflections on the work from other jury members. The ceremony was in a royal residence and we were hosted by the Prince of Romania. It was a unique experience for sure. I thought I’d share this photo of moi on a striking yellow sofa, overlooked by King Michael I.

What else?

I’m so determined to produce this set of songs I’ve been working on for a while. I really believe in them. I want to hear them. And I want others to hear and hopefully enjoy them too. So I’m trying to push myself to get a full collection of demos together this summer.

In other news…

Starting to wrap Working to Work season one. I’ve 1-2 more episodes to record and put out. And I’m already planning season two. I’m excited about those interviews already which is a good omen. I’m working to obtain funding for this next season. It takes time and mind. But I think a worthwhile expenditure of both.

Well Dan, that’s all I wanted to share. Thanks again for everything, even the times I’m driven crazy it helps me in some ways to grow.

Until next time, be well.


More Synthetic Thoughts

Monday 3rd June 2024 14:05 (BST)

It's June, almost half way through the year, and I'm half way through a cold. Another one. Have had too many this year. But that's not why I am checking. No, I'm checking in with a classic update.

Firstly, I've been entering a sound-piece I finsihed last year into a few competitions lately. One of the, Prix Europa required a video version with subtitles, so I've produced that and am sharing it below. I still recommend listening in the dark with headphones on and eyes closed, but if watching and reading suites you I've got ya (see below).

Also, one of these competitions, the Grand Prix Nova, has shortlisted the piece for the 'Short Drama' prize. So I will go to Bucharest, Romania later this month to take part in the festival and be on the jury for other prizes. A new experience, and one I'm looking forward to. I shall report back.

Lastly, I recently published an episode of Working to Work featuring noted autism researcher, Professor Anna Remington. Anna is an expert on a cognative function known a 'perceptual capacity' (essentially how much information one's brain can pay attention to at any one time).

This is interesting because understanding one's perceptial capacity can aide in focus through knowing what more or less one needs in a given moment. Similary recoignition of a greater perceptial capacity (which is common amongst autistic people vs the neuro-majority) can support one to find work that aligns with their strenghts and interests. If this has peaked your interest the episode is available to watch here, and to listen to on podcast platforms like Spotify or Apple.

That's all for now. Appreciative of those who are with it, and accepting of those who aren't.

(Still) Working to Work...

Wednesday 8th May 2024 21:50 (BST)

Hi y'all! (Dan). I'm sitting writing this watching the Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich (just setting the scene). It's quite a dramatic end to the second half!

Anyway  — I didn't open the laptop to report on football. I opened the laptop to share with you that I've recorded an video update on all things Working to Work, my project exploring the intersection of neurodivergence and employment. So, if that's something that of interest to you (and I hope it is) you'll find said video below! It's also available on the podcast feed (hint: search Working to Work in your podcast app of choice).

London buses... nuff said

Saturday 6th April 2024 16:38 (BST)

Yes, twice in a week (!) after nothing for five months (lucky Dan). I mentioned music in the previous post and felt like sharing a video I made a couple days ago (maybe even the day of the last post). It's an acoustic version of a song I'm working on for the new album. Said song is called i'll never return you, and said album is called you're a special person to me, i'm glad we met. Yes, bit of a mouthful, we can shorted to 'special person'. So song below, stay tuned for the real deal and more.

And, I should add / remind that for music / creative stuff I havea YouTube channel you might wish to subscribe too.... that is youtube.com/@kaloutube.

Not just a fresh paint job

Wednesday 3rd April 2024 10:58 (BST)

Hola! Not gonna bother with the 'it's been so long' ramble this time. But am going to offer a shout out to Dan aka Meadow House if you're reading 👋

What's new? Well, have tweaked the colours of the site to make it that little easier to read, a bit less wearing on the eyes. I've updated the links so now everything that is a link is underlined, and will change from black to a grey-ish colour when hovered over.

I'm colourblind, short-sighted, have a cataracts in my right eye, many 'floaters', and astigmatism so not not best placed to comment on colours. But I do know it's easier for me to look at the site now, and I hope others who also have visual challenges. It's on my list of things to do to provide alt text for all images for screen readers.

What else is new? I had making a projects page on my to-do list for ages, but I wasn't making the time for it. I will do that at some point because there are projects I want to be easy to access on this site and either are not currently available or are housed in another section od the site in some way that doesn't do justice to the work. In lieu of that page I've added a new highlights page to the menu which showcases some work I'm proud of and offers a little description about it.

I made that page initially for an Arts Council application which was unfortunatley not funded, but hey, I got that page out of it, and some experience and clarity about my Working to Work project. Speaking of Working to Work, this also now has its own bespoke section on the website with both detailed information on the project and easy access to the interviews and other content. Please do subscribe on YouTube and follow the Podcast if you want to support. It'll help the project and boost my motivation!

That said, regardless of engagement I'm still very much commited to this project and have interviews in the pre-production stage I'm excited to realise and share. I spoke about my interest in the intersection between neurodivergence and employment in an upcoming episode of Maximum Rocknroll Radio. If you're interested in hearing that, and a some stellar work- themed punk songs you can listen here.

The most recent episode (the ninth) was am insightful and joyful discussion / interview with Zareen Ali, CEO of the wellbeing app Cogs AI which focuses on supporing neurodivergent people. We spoke about their joruney with work, what they're looking to achieve with Cogs, and why. Check it out below, or via any of the links I've shared above.

Anything else? Yeah - there's loads, but this already quite a lengthy blog post. I will say (and prolly have many times already) that I'm working on new songs and they are getting closer. I really feel this is the strongest collection of songs I've written and I want to get them right. And by right I mean to realise them to the best of my ability. And to do that I need to prioritise working on them. That's the biggest challenege at the moment. But I've been watching the Kayne doc on Netflix and that's been providing some good inspiration.

That's all for now, but stay tuned. Good things are in the works and I'm gonna make sure they make it out of my head and into the world.

An update

Tuesday 28th November 2023 11:21 (GMT)

I don't know how many times over the past 15 years I've written this but, it's been too long since I last updated. Or maybe it hasn't! How many people actually read this? Very little I imagine. I don't promote this web presence.

I think of it more of a web archive of my creative work and progress, for myself more than anything. It's not a particulary good portfolio and probably doesn't demostrate that effectively all I've done, all I'm doing, and all I want to do — and that's okay. I don't have the desire at the moment, or need to change that. And I want to embrace the way I use this web presence in the way that suits me.

The project I mentioned below, 'Working to Work' is progressing. I have produced five episodes so far and others are in the works. I am seeking funding to continue it's development, and oppertunties to promote it. When those come to fruitition I willl likely share here.

In the meantime I want to share the latest episode below. I spoke with Robin Blamires, a talented Audio Producer about their experiences seeking work in Radio, and their passion for the medium. Both are documented in their new epic audio piece 'The Audio Rainbow' available on Robin's Soundcloud.

More soon.... Also subscribe to Working to Work on YouTube, and listen on your fave podcast app!

Working to Work: A Neurodivergent Journery through Employment

Wednesday 6th September 2023 11:15 (BST)

This week I have launched a project that has been percolating in my mind (and in BBC pitches etc) for over a year. It's called 'Working to Work' and aims through interviews to explore the nuanced and multifaceted challeneges faced by neurodivergent-status individuals in respect of obtaining and maintaing works.

I plan primarily to speak with those with lived-experince of the challenges, but for this first episode I spoke with Sir Robert Buckland, an MP leading the Government's ongoing review into the designed to 'boost the employment prospects' of autisitc people' to learn what the objectives for the review are and how those involved plan to achieve them.

I've created a project page for 'W2W' and I will popualte it with more detail about the project in good time. For now I'll offer that this project exisits in the for of a YouTube channel, a podcast, and, in future, a radio programme, airing on Resonance 104.4fm.

I've embedded the first video episode below, but if you're interested in the work I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the channel, and podcast feed (coming soon). Not sure how I feel about this photoshopped thumbnail, but it's an experiment of sorts!

A Legacy of Kindness: The Story of The Trans Charity Gires

Wednesday 6th September 2023 10:48 (BST)

Earlier this year I worked with the talented and industrious Lucia Scazzocchio on a podcast series that chronicles the important history for the Trans research charity, Gires. The project is called 'A Legacy of Kindness' and, as listeners will discover, that is what the work Gires has done for 25 years has sought to provide.

The six episodes are now available on the LoK website, and also on podcast apps. I was responsible for the sound design and music composition. Will share episode two (Trans at Work) below to give a bit of a taste.

My Synthetic Thoughts

Friday 11th August 2023 14:44 (BST)

Finally completed the peice I mentioned in the previous post! Been labouring it's production since 2018, working very sporadilcally. One of those where it feels there's always more to do — things to fix and improve, but ultimately I felt it necessary to draw a line for now. It also helped to have the Radiophrenia deadline! I can always make tweaks to it in the future — though hope not too, there are new projects to put energy into. I hope you enjoy. Forza!

In 'My Synthetic Thoughts,' the protagonist grapples with puzzling experiences, seeking meaning in a labyrinth of mental health, medication, memory, and the subconscious. Amidst the fog of unresolved time, their quest for understanding and peace becomes a poignant journey, revealing the intricate tapestry of their psyche.

Interviewing ChatGTP and Radiophrenia

Saturday 29th July 2023 23:13 (BST)

In this week's episode of Wavelength on Resonance FM I spoke with a bonafide global superstar as a guest - the much discussed AI chatbot, ChatGPT. In this episode expect to hear from the horse’s mouth what they (or our collective hive mind circa September 2021) think of hot topics such as AI's potential impact on employment, geo-politics, social inequity — and perhaps most importantly, plunderphonics!

Also! I've a piece called 'My Synthetic Thoughts' I've been working on-and-off for the past four or five years (very sporadic production). It's still not finished, but I got word that a version of it was accepted by Radiophrenia, a temporary art radio station broadcasting intermittently from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow (click below image for more info).

So, it'll be nice to be a part of their prorgamming this year (I'll update this post with time / date when it's confirmed). And, more incentive to (finally) finsih the piece and share it more widely!

Recent Wavelength episodes

Friday 7th July 2023 21:50 (BST)

For the best part of this year I've been producing a monthly show for Resonance FM's long-running programme, Wavelength ("a programme of multiple agendas presented by William English"). And I want to share the here too! I've created an archive of the programmes here, and embedded the most recent episode below.

In this episode I speak with friend, Brandi Howell. Brandi is the creator of the engaging music and cultural history podcast ‘The Echo Chamber’. Join Sam and Brandi as they discuss episodes including the "soft power" vehicle of Dave Brubeck’s ‘Jazz Ambassadors’, the Beach Boys influenced left-field Japanese punk band that supported a breaking Nirvana, and how to realise passion projects around other work.

A Seat In Soho pt. 3

Sunday 10th July 2022 15:18 (BST)

Some photos (and my actual piece!) from the exhibition for those that couldn't make it (which I imagine is 99.9% of people that read this post!). All photos by Beca Jones.

Breaking: Reviews are up!

Saturday 9th July 2022 21:11 (BST)

Just a mini-update to mention I've added reviews for The Sculpture Garden and Scrapbook to the Music page from The Wire, Maximum Rocknroll, and others. Will look to get some more for the upcoming 2022 realease — really excited about that (the music, not the reviews!). But first have to knuckle down and get it made!

Oh, and there's now a little avatar in the navigation bar of me drawn by my good friend Dasha. Thanks DD!

BBC New Creatives: Our Mind's Eye

Wednesday 22nd June 2022 12:17 (BST)

This update is sort of the audio equivelent to new old stock, in that I'm sharing something produced at the end of 2019, but beyond a month's stint on BBC Sounds in 2021 (and being briefly exhibited as part of the ICA's Transmission showcase) it's not been published.

And I think it's worth a listen.

I collaborated with four young people at Raw Sounds, Hani Malcolm-Ibrahim, Rowan Bhatti, Nicola Laughton & Skye Moseley, on this joint comission from the BBC and ICA for the New Creastives iniative.

We decided to produce an audio guide for a auditary exhibition that explored varying aspects of each artist's mind. Topics touched on include social norms, identity politics, and mental health. The project showcases how the artists “see the limitations but don't accept them as reality” using art, media and music to produce an emotive and immersive body of work. The audio exhibition takes the listener on a number of stops across three different rooms, demonstrating each artist's personal relationship to the destination. Explore their interplay between mental, physical, and emotional states.

A Seat In Soho pt. 2

Wednesday 15th June 2022 17:55 (BST)

Alright! Update to the previous post. Here is the piece from exhibition mentioned below. I enjoyed visting the exhibiton and seeing how Stella Cecil and Tiphaine Tailleux recreated a anmorphous domestic setting for visitors to listen to the eight audio portraits. I will add some photos to to post when I recieve them but for now here is my contribution — a profile of the lovely Thien Tran.

A Seat In Soho pt. 1

Saturday 14th May 2022 13:56 (PST)

Long time, no update. Here's something to change that:

I'll have a new ten minute audio piece in the upcoming multimedia exhibition 'A Seat in Soho' which, "invites visitors to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea and listen to intimate audio portraits offering a glimpse into the lives, history and diversity of Soho’s lesser known but two-and-a-half thousand strong residential community."

Said portaits were produced in collaboration with long-time residents. My piece for instance profiles Thien Tran — a three decade strong Soho resident whose relationships in Soho have shaped his experience of the place and — are etched into the place itself.

The piece also features beautiful music from Milo Thesiger-Meachem. If you see/hear 'A Seat In Soho', I hope you enjoy. And if you can't make it I will share on here soon with some photos to simualte the experience as much as possible.

Talkin' composition techniques on Resonance

Saturday 9th October 2021 12:28 (BST)

OK, so, kinda slacked on the timely updates — just the three months delay! But I'm back (like I left something), and come bearing the gift of a new radio programme via a takeover of William English's Wavelength show, with pal and collaborator Daniel Wilson. This is actually my second appearance on Wavelength; the first was in January 2020, when I came on to speak about The Sculpture Garden and cassette culture. Wavelenth of course is broadcast on the inimitable Resonance FM.

In the programme I speak about a couple of quasi-compositional techniques for music, and creative sound pieces in general, that I've enjoyed employing with collaborators (like Phoebe McIndoe) in recent times. These include building on top of someone else's work without consoltation (which we've termed 'chain composition', and also sonified versions based on the ideas that underpin Exquisite Corpses.

If none of the above has has compelled you to listen perhaps reading the little blurb Dan put together for the show will:

You can listen to back to the show on the Resonance Mixcloud or below where I've handily embedded it. More soon!

Happy Birthday Mr Foggy!

Saturday 17th April 2021 16:30 (BST)

Five years ago this month in the Richmond District of San Francisco, Jason Jägel (one my fave artists) painted a mural to celebrate the neighbourhood. I was grateful to have been able to document the process, and talk with Jason about the ideas behind it. I've shared that film before on this site but to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the mural I upload the first cut of the film with different music and sans the artists thoughts for your enjoyment!

New Old Stock: 'Loosie EP'

Sunday 11th April 2021 00:20 (BST)

Greetings all! Like London buses you wait forever for a blog update and then two come around together. I'll keep this one short though. Just wanted to share that I've uploaded a little EP I recorded in January 2014. And little is the key word here as the three songs combined are barely over three mins long.

I recorded these tunes from 2011/2012 originally as demos to be expanded upon with my dude Michael, but like many creative project unfortunately that recording never came to pass. And I like the demos enough to want to share them. So, here they are. Enjoy the 'Loosie EP'. Three songs covering chemical dependence, lust, and longing.

P.S. Some related bonus material — Live from Balboa Street, San Francisco


Red Dress/Marie

Been a long time... I shouldn't have left you... (musings on creative practice)

Monday 5th April 2021 16:08 (BST)

I feel like every update on this 'blog' in the last few years begins we me stating how long it's been since I last wrote. Well this one unfortunately no different. Perhaps I should except that months will likely go by before I update. But nonetheless, it's a shame and noteable if only to myself (or my creative self that yerns to be productive and share the output with the interwebs).

Anyway, I am here now with an update. And an excuse for the absence! I've been working hard at the day job making short-form audio content for Blinkist (including an interesting adaptation of Michael Lewis' Against the Rules podcast). I've felt wiped in the evenings, and add into the mix this Covid business, and I've just not had the mind or energy for my own creative work.

But that's changing now, cause I remembered how good it feels to be exercising those creative muscles! And they are muscles. I sat down at the MPC ready to make something, (on this— my week off), and the the instincts weren't there. In fact that's what's stopped me in the few times I have tried recently to create. What it reminded me is that the creative mindset is not one that can be just turn off. It's something that needs to be maintained and nurtured. My friend Brandi (Producer of The Echo Chamber podcast) sent me this great quote from Maya Angelou the other day that spoke to what I was feeling:

That inspired me, and added to my determination to 'make' again. A determination that had been stoked by a new podcast I've been digging recently called Telling Stories. It's produced by Phoebe McIndoe and Redzi Bernard, and each episode they speak with a sonic storyteller and try glean ideas from them on how they tell stories though sound (be it the narrative, sound design, editing, interviewing etc). Towards the end of each episode they ask the interviewee to set them a sonic storytelling task which Redzi and Phoebe then complete, play for the listener, and speak with each other about their process. It's such a joyous, and accessible format, the hosts dynamic is warm with each other and the interviewee, and it provides the listener with the kernel of an idea to go off and making something themselves.

In some ways Telling Stories is like a podcast adaptation of Sarah Geis' Audio Playground (short audio assignments sent via email to encourage creative sonic practice without the angst of making something 'good'). The warmth and accessibility aspect of the podcast reminded me of the best aspects of London's DIY Space for London, and in particular the First Timers event. At First Timers participants are encouraged to reject ideas of objective good or bad music, or 'talent', and in favour of fun and making the music that comes organically to them. I love this approach to creative output, and it's heartening to see it move beyond music into the realms of Storytelling, and Sound Art. Perhaps by no coincidence Sarah Geis is one of a great selection of guests on Telling Stories.

But beyond my admiration and enjoyment of Telling Stories, the episode with Sound Artist and Poet Axel Kacoutié was particularly inspiring when Axel urged the hosts (and listeners) to just finish things. I am particularly guilty of starting projects, or songs, and then leaving them dormant for months... or years. Often I rationalise that as wanting to get them right when the time is right, but more often than not that time doesn't come. Ultimately the old adage of 'done is better than perfect' is one I wish to adopt.

So to loop back around to sitting at the MPC, I started making (inspired by a great phrase I heard in this obscure video) and kept making until I had something that was at least a full sketch and not just one sequencer or idea. OK, so it's not the best mix (perhaps even an awful one), and this piece of music is unlikely to change any lives (including my own), but I'm just happy to have made something! Can always evolve it in the future, but for now, it's done. You can hear this morning's sketch below:

Also! A year and a half ago I recorded some video in the aim of making a music vid for Unpretty from The Sculpture Garden. That material sat on a dormant until a few days ago when I thought "right, I'm going to make this video!". And I did. With limited footage I managed to make something. And you can see the fruits of that labour below. More soon I promise.

Adieu to 2020... and a little update  

Monday 28th December 2020 20:43 (GMT)

Yikes! It's been so long since I updated this site that the time zone has changed. Long gone are the long summer days — I'm lucky if I sample five house of sunlight at the mo. It's passé to say at this point but I'll be happy with the rest of the world to see the back of 2020!  That said I am fortunate my health and that of loved ones has not been directly effected by the virus situation.

It seems like a age ago, but it was only January when I released The Sculpture Garden (tapes still available!). I hope in 2021 to support that release with some more videos and perhaps performaces, but also to produced new works and complete the many bits and pieces I have bubbling under the surface. 

Riding Bikes for views

Wednesday 9th September 2020 15:49 (BST)

It's pretty rare for me to update this website twice in two days but 2020 is just that kind of year. Hot on the heels of The Sculpture Garden cassette release I'm excited to share the video for the album's first track Riding Bikes with Drew. The footage for this was actually filmed in May 2019 but it's only now I've taken the time to assemble and edit it. Hope you enjoy!

Tapes Glorious Tapes

Tuesday 8th September 2020 12:30 (BST)

It's the news the whole internet has been waiting for, The Sculpture Garden is now availble for sale on cassette. It comes on a frosted white cassette, with a DIY-style o-card to house it. There is also a small lyric and credits booklet featuring photos related to the songs. The booklet comes complete with typos (and hand drawn corrections!).

The Scupture Garden cassette is limited to 50 copies and can be ordered on my bandcamp, with shipping from the US or UK.

Order The Sculpture Garden here.

Things Done Changed

Sunday 12th July 2020 13:48 (BST)

Good to start this post off with a Biggie reference and it's true things have changed of late. Since March I've been working full time producing content for a book-summarising service. They have been looking to expand their original content offerings and that's the area in which I've be helping out (read: working!).

I mention thiswork because, as alluded to in the titlte of this post, things have changed, and having this full-time job means I've less time for other creative pursuits. That said I am working on some stuff (slowly as always!) and I hope to be able to share on this site soon. In the meantime I want to do some housekeeping.

In late May I was contacted by my friend Monika who lives in Berlin and works for the NPR affilate station there KCRW Berlin. She wanted to do a profile on me, and how I was finding lockdown in London. Should you be interested too you can listen by clicking the imaging below or here.

OK! Last bit of housekeeping. I was flattered to see Robert Collins writing for Maximum Rocknroll gave The Sculpture Garden (the album I released in January) a positive review. I thought I would share with this blog as made me smile in a difficult period. You can listen to the album on the music page, or download on bandcamp. That's all for now!

The Joy of 18 (for Resonance FM's 18th birthday)

Sunday 3rd May 2020 21:37 (BST)

On the 1st of May 2020 the finest community arts radio station in the world Resonance FM celebrated it's 18th birthday with a whole day of original bespoke programming from heavy hitters including Lepke B, Chris Cutler, William English, Andrew Loog Oldham and more.

I contributed a piece to the celebrations called The Joy of 18 in which fine people I know shared recollections of joy they felt at 18. It was composed in exquisite corpose style which meant that each participant was given the last few words of the previous person's contribution and I edited it all together. Music was kindly supplied by a frequent collaborator of mine, Daniel Wilson, aka Meadow House (who also contributed a special new episode of The Exciting Hellebore Shew (Redux). We agree that it worked out alright!

A big thank you to all that contributed and of course happy birthday Resonance. The station and it's CEO have been very kind and supportive of me and many others over the years and I am grateful for that. You can hear the piece below in this compilation of contributions (running order here):

If you're in a bit of a rush it begins at 0:50:55 in the above file — or, for your convenience I have uploaded to my SoundCloud and shared below:

Hmm... Lets get more PPE

Sunday 3rd May 2020 20:03 (BST)

I've got a friend, his name is Dom. Dom, a few weeks ago, sent me a challange, past on to him by someone else. The challange was to make a piece of music in this period of social distancing with another remote social distancer. Dom's message stated it was for a good cause — to raise money for PPE (Personal Protective Equiptment) for the much (and rightly) lauded National Health Service. The songs people made woud be released on a compilation called 'Music Over Distance' that would then be sold online and the proceeds would go to the aforementioned cause.

So, I took up the challenge, enlisting my Bishop's Stortford dwelling friend Dan, and we went about composing a short piece based off an old digital scrap loop I had lying around on my hard drive called 'Hmm'. Dan added some instrumentation, I added some words, and Hmm (the fully realised version) was born! We submitted Hmm, and I pleased to say that the compilation has raised over £1000 to date. Here Hmm below, and read along to the lyrics if you so choose. You can support the compilation and thus the @maskforNHS on bandcamp.


Eating the special on a boat / When suddenly you choke / And you find what’s in your throat / Are remnants of the soap / And as it spills upon the desk / You’re reminded of what you said / (Unintelligible) / Covid

The Wire review The Sculpture Garden

Sunday 3rd May 2020 19:01 (BST)

OK, so after early February's quick fire posting I failed to followed up with anything in March or April and it's now 3rd of May. Not only was I very busy with work during this time but the world went into lockdown [neither excuse the tardy updating, I'm just setting the scene for future me and any potential future readers of this blog-of-sorts].     

So, yes, I have been working full time of late and that will likely continue for the forseeable future. Very much enjoying that. But the big news as it pertains to this website is Byron Coley writing for leftfield music magazine The Wire reviewed The Sculpture Garden and had some kind words to say. If you haven't already got a copy of the April 2020 issue of The Wire you can read the review below (click for larger image). Many thanks to Byron and The Wire. And remember you can listen to and buy The Sculpture Garden on bandcamp. Cassettes on sale soon!

The Sculpture Garden Cassette Preview

Wednesday 5th February 2020 20:39 (GMT)

Well, this is a turn up for the books! Barely a month into the new year and I'm only one post away from matching 2019's grand total of four. I'm very much motivated to be more proactive about documenting and sharing my creative endevours on this site and elsewhere and in that view I present to you a video. Yes, a short clip which shows the glorious tapes I wrote about in the last post are now here are here. They include a homemade o-card, xeroxed booklet complete with corrected typos, and a download code. Please do get in touch if you want one. I’m going to get a batch to the US soon. Again if you can't wait you can always listen and down The Sculpture Garden on bandcamp.

In other radio news "Riding Bikes with Drew" was played on Charleston, West Virginia's finest Community Radio Station, WTSQ, thanks to the long time friend and WV native Dan Taylor. Thanks, Dan!                                         

Wavelengths & Cassettes

Saturday 1st February 2020 16:25 (GMT)

Further to my last update on the newly finished album The Sculpture Garden I have begun to promote it. First off is the manufacturing of a batch of limited cassette tapes for friends and family, and supporters. Those are in the works but I am happy to share with you an image of the prototype tape (or prototape as Dan wittily coined it).

the sculpture garden cassettes

This particular edition is now the property of film maker and host of the Resonance FM show ‘Wavelengths’, William English. I was fortunate enough to be asked to appear on the show yesterday along with Daniel Wilson (aka Meadow House), who of course contributed to the album in the form of his remix of ‘Floundering’. It was a real pleasure to talk with William and Dan and we covered everything from cassette culture, sampling, songs as audio diaries, struggles of the psyche, the varied nature of the my back catalogue, and making music when seemingly no one’s really listening.

Four tracks were played from the album too in the show, straight from the cassette which accounts for the slightly flat sound that lacks the high end sparkle, but was definitely fitting given the nature of the conversation. Plus you know where you can find the music if you want to hear it in all it’s sonic crispness (this website!), and it is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, and load of other streaming platforms. You can listen to the Wavelengths show via the player above. More soon!

New year, new music 🎶

Thursday 22nd January 2020 12:55 (GMT)

First off, happy new year! Secondly, it’s been too long (four months and a day) since I last updated this website! That said despite my increasingly sporadic posting and it’s quite limited patronage, I am proud that the this site is now into its third decade of existence as I started it in 2008.

Anyway, I am really pleased to have completed my first collection of Kalou songs since 2014's Scrapbook! The Sculpture Garden is a collection of varying emotions; digested, ruminated over, then synthesised into a 10 catchy slices of song pie.


A big thank you those who have been a friend to me in the last six years — like it or not, this album's for you. Also thanks to Ed from Resonance 104.4fm for lending me his bass guitar for so long, to Brent for lending his drumming talents to three of the songs, to Rose for letting me cover her amazing song, The Thin Line, and TLC too (Unpretty), to Dan (aka Meadow House) for his excellent remix of Floundering, and thanks to you if you listen!

I'm going to make some tapes again and will distribute them worldwide. For now you can listen via bandcamp (and buy digital copies), and on all streaming sites.

The Third Quarter

Sunday 22nd September 2019 10:52 (BST)

It's coming to that time — the autumn time. I'm looking out the window here in London and the sky has that classic omnipresent grey. I'm working on a few things but nothing to report about just yet. I've tidied up this site a bit so any dead links have been removed.

I also wanted to highlight the site I've produced for the UK Audio Network (UKAN), which is a growing community of audio producers, commissioners and creators, distributing work opportunities via a shared email list. The aim is to link commissioners to talent and give all those working in audio an equal chance to pitch for work something which I'm very much in favour of. You can join the group here.

Dylan Archive and other happenings

Saturday 22nd June 2019 16:03 (BST)

Summer 2019 is here. Of course I've got to start this blog entry with the mandatory, 'it's been ages!'. I will keep this brief, since I last updated I've been working with National Public Radio / Radiotopia's finest The Kitchen Sisters on a story about how a philanthropic foundation based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA bought Bob Dylan's Archive primarily to use as a tool for civic rejuvination.

This 30 minute podcast is part of The Kitchen Sisters 'The Keepers' series, more about that here. There is also a shorter version for NPR's Morning Edition that will air soon.

In other news I've been continuing my work as a Radio Coordinator for Maximum Rocknroll who will now sadly now longer be producing physical magazine. The future for MRR is bright though as there's exciting plans to publish new columns, radio shows, reviews and more on the website. I'm always looking for potential DJ's for the Remote Radio show — check out the flyer below if you're interested or know someone who may be. The last episode was hosted by Liana Hell Lean from New York City.

That aside, I'm still working (very slowly) on new music that I hope (must!) to have completed by the end of the year; same with a sound piece. I've got a few irons in the preverbal fire that I hope to be able to update on.

Oh! I have spend a fair amount of time designing and producing the new website for the UK Audio Network. If you don't know UKAN is a growing community of audio producers, commissioners and creators, distributing work opportunities via a shared email list. Our aim is to link commissioners to talent and give all those working in audio an equal chance to pitch for work. I hope the information on the site is clear and concise (plus the design attractive!). We've incorporated a guide rates card (thanks to Eleanor and Heidi for coordinating that and compiling the info).

OK, that's all for now, until next time, happy summer to all!

Fuctions on the Low

Friday 5th April 2019 16:04 (BST)

Well, it’s taken me so long to update this website again that we’re now officially out of winter, into Spring, and on British Summer Time!

So, what's been up in the time I've been slacking!? Well, I taught for the first time. A short course in podcast production/audio arts at the excellent Brixton based charity Raw Sounds. Raw Sounds is a creative community of young people and adults with experience of mental ill health and we got together for two hours every week, for six weeks, and made a 30 minute podcast introductionary podcast that was aired as a clear spot on the excellent Resonance 104.4fm. If you missed it however you can handly hear it below!

So what else? Well I've been helping my friend Milly Chowles on a couple podcast projects of hers. The first was for Clean Break — a theatre company working with women in the criminal justice system. I worked on the edit and sound design for this one and I really dug the participant's creativity. I think the podcast smoothly walks the line between having fun and being substantive not a simple task! The Clean Break three part podcast series is coming out soon, but here's a little trailer to wet the appetite.

...and the second project I've been working on with Milly is a series for the organisation UnLtd who work to fund social entrepreneurs. The each episode in the podcast series 'How Do You Solve A Problem Like...' explores how we as society, and specifcally a couple of enterprising social entrepenuers are addressed a given issue. Subjects featured will inlude Loneliness, Youth Violence, Hygiene Poverty, Homelessness, and Childhood Heath. You can listen to the podcast on all the best podcast apps and also on the UnLtd website!

New Year Update 🎉

Tuesday 1st January 2019 14:30 (GMT)

Happy new year to anyone reading this! I've been slippin' of late in terms of updating. I meant to post before the end of 2018 but alas the beginning of 2019 it will have to be!

I've got high hopes for this year, creatively, personally, and for the wider world. I've been making music lately — recorded this cover of TLC's Unpretty for one. That was for my friend Jean (shout out to Jean!).

Maximum Rocknroll Remote Radio celebrated it's second birthday in December and I recorded a anniversary episode showcasing my fave tunes from the past two years.

OK, limited update, but will report back when there's more to say soon. I've been thinking of revamping this site —streamlining somewhat, lets see what comes. Will leave you with this one, it's a cover of my friend Rose Droll's song 'The Thin Line'. I've loved this song for the longest time and finally have completed my version of it. Hope youz enjoy. More soon, take care.

Happy Birthday Blog + Mothers of Invention & Maximum Rocknroll

Wednesday 19th Septemberl 2018 13:24 (GMT)

Hello little blog of mine. It's been too long since we last set eyes on each other — almost six months ! In the intervening time I've been getting messages from Google telling me you're outdated and not up to scratch in terms of security and plug-ins. It has led me to ponder whether it's time to update to a new, modern, cookie-cutter resume style website, but I have resisted thus far (plus not really had time to consider it!). I like the charm of this website. I started building it in 2008 which means a happy 10th birthday wish is in order ! I asked the blog what it wished and it replied to remain raw, messy, laiden with typos, and semi useless to potential recruitors and clients. For now old blog your wish is granted <3

All that aside, what have I been doing in the past six months? Well, I've been working as the Series Editor on a podcast for Doc Society (formally Brit Doc). It's called Mothers of Invention and is about shining a spotlight on climate justice and those with innovative climate change solutions, specifically women and POC. It's hosted by former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson (no relation to moi) and the Brooklyn based commedian Maeve Higgins.

It was a right old slog to make but we got there and the five episodes that have gone out have been well recieved. Unfortunately there's not a playlist yet but here is the epsiode I think I like the most on Health and it's relation to climate change. More soon!

In other news, the latest in the series of Maxmimum Rocknroll Remote shows went out a couple of weeks ago which takes a look through the ages at punk from Russia. You can here that here. I'm looking forward to producing more of them, and there's now an easier way to view all the previous shows and quickly identify the location through the tags on MRR's fancy new website. For those interested here's a link to the archve. More soon. Forza!

The return of the Sonic Tube Map

Sunday 29th April 2018 23:39 (GMT)

If you're having a lazy Sunday but still wanna feel like you're getting out and about perhaps my Sonic Tube Map from 2009 can help you. It's back up and running after years decommissioned, so put your feet up and take a journey! (in your ears + mind).

Oh, to note, they are binaural recordings so best sampled via headphones. Check out the development page for more info. And, there's even now a Chrome plug-in you can use to record your journeys (like the original MaxMSP patch). Who knows, maybe I'll even record some fresh new sounds for it — stay tuned!

In case you're still not sold here's a piece I made with it the STM back in 2009:

"Imaginary Journey #1 " featuring: Gloucester Road, Notting Hill Gate, Edgware Road, Regents Park, St Pauls, Marble Arch, Embankment, Holborn, Southwark, Convent Garden, Earls Court.

Picasso 1932 at Tate Modern

Monday 12th March 2018 15:27 (GMT)

For the past four months or so I've been busy producing an audio guide for Tate Modern's new exhibition 'Picasso 1932: Love, Fame, Tragedy'. The exhibition chronicles one prolific year in the artist's life in which he created a number of works considered masterpieces including my own favourite 'Le Reve' (The Dream), seen below. You can click on the photo for more info on the exhibition.

I wanted to create an audio guide that really helped engaged one with the work, rather than distracted from it. I hope that it truly acts as a guide to the work and Picasso's year and heightens the enjoyment of the art. The style of the guide is significantly richer than audio guides I've sampled in the past and much of that is down to the wonderful music produced by Daniel R.Wilson.

In addition to the audio guide I produced a podcast which compliments the exhibition. It uses Picasso's "year of wonders" (1932) as a jumping off point to explore how one can enable themselves to be creatively inspire and to debunk myths about creativity. This work was produced through the wonderful Resonance 104.4fm.

You can listen to the podcast on Tate's website - click here, or just listen right here!

Project housekeeping

Thursday 11th January 2018 19:44 (GMT)

Bonne année to anyone reading ! It's been a couple months since I updated this site so now for a flurry.

In the summer I worked with Rachel O'Brien, who leads on RSA's prison work and produced Rebuilding Life After Prison which explores the role of relationships in supporting progress in prisons and post-release. In each of the four episodes we meet those who have been inside and some of the people who have been part of their journey.

The series aired on Resonance FM late last year and is avilable now on the RSA Radio SoundCloud page (and below)

In other news I am currently hard at work on a couple projects that should be finished in March. Bit hush hush now but I will write more about them then.

In the meantime the seventh installement of Maximum Rocknroll Remote Radio was just completed and aired. This one is hosted by Jenna from Toronto and offers a taste of the Punk and DIY music scene in that neck of the woods. Check it out below !

Aaaaand...last but not least — a song I made 10 years ago as a little joke for my friend Lawrence has found its way to a bandcamp compilation comprised of 'bedroom' compositions from the 1980's. You can hear 2 Bar (the new sound). Thank you to Simon Holland for including me in this version and also in the 90's edition a couple years ago!


How Did We Get Here? Keith Flett's Guide To Real Ale

Friday 24th November 2017 10:44 (GMT)

More radio production — this piece was comissioned by Resonance and hosted by Keith Flett, serial letter writer to the Guardian, trade union officer, socialist historian, and beard advocate.

Flett lays bare the contentious discourse surrounding 'Real' Ale and Craft Beer and examines beer's societal significance including how the increased choice and changes in taste and consumption mirror that of 21st Century Britain.

The Guardian described this progamme as the best radio of the week. Grab a drink and listen...

Dirty Soup meets Steve Nieve

Saturday 28th October 2017 15:23 (BST)

I produced this piece earlier this year as part of Dirty Soup's series of occasional podcasts. Watchable’s Theo Delaney met up with musician and composer, Steve Nieve. It'll be aired on Resonance FM shortly but you can hear it now — here's a bit of context...

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Nieve has been a key member of Elvis Costello and the Attractions, playing keyboard instruments on most of Costello's seminal work.

Nieve has also experienced success as a prolific session musician, featuring on a wide array of notable recordings. Theo spoke to Steve about his musical journey, from imaginary pianos in Bexley Heath, through the Royal College of Music, to recording in Nashville, and developing his own opera.

We start at the beginning…

'Sixty Seven' with Andrew Loog Oldham

Friday 29th September 2017 19:40 (BST)

Recently I finsihed production on a new seven part series 'Sixty Seven" for Resonance FM...

'Andrew Loog Oldham, legendary first manager of The Rolling Stones, record producer and raconteur, explores the year of the appearance of the American Hippie - its music, politics, lifestyle, hopes and drugs. Drawing on Danny Goldberg's In Search of the Lost Chord, Eric Luft's Die at the Right Time and Harvey Kubernik's 1967 - A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love.'

We're a couple episodes in already but you can hear ‘Sixty Seven’ live at resonancefm.com between 7pm-8pm (BST).

Each week’s show will repeat on Sunday between 11am-12pm. Programmes will also be available on the Resonance FM Mixcloud account after they air (https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/playlists/sixty-seven/).

Below is episode one should you wish to listen without the commitment of leaving this webpage (a struggle, I know!).

MRR Remote Radio - DIY Space for London special

Sunday 10th September 2017 11:56 (BST)

Alex, Anne Marie, Creg and I talked about DIY Space for London and Charmpit for Maximum Rocknroll and played some good tunes. You can listen below should you wish.

For more information on DSFL or to get involved, check out their website: diyspaceforlondon.org. More of Alex and Anne Marie’s band Charmpit can be heard on their bandcamp page. They’ll be playing at DIY Space for London’s second birthday weekend festivities on 16th September.

Rose Droll x Boy Scouts x Interview = 🙌

Thurdsday 31st August 2017 18:28 (BST)

Just a quick update. Want to share a short piece I produced a month or so ago about two of my favourite Bay Area musicans, Rose Droll and Taylor Vick (Boy Scouts). This will hopefully in the future for part of a radio show air on Resonance but for now please enjoy in it's autonomous glory.

In other news I've been working producing some new/old music and getting stuck into a number of other projects. As always, it'll have a home here when it's complete.


Saturday 22nd July 2017 18:28 (BST)

I've done it again - left it months and months to update. Since the last update I boarded a London-bound plane and that's where I'm at now.

I'm currently doing some production work at the fantastic Resonance FM. Been expanding my mind working on podcasts for the RSA and other interesting projects I will share here later.

I've also got involved with DIY Space for London (DSFL), a volunteer run org with a strong positive and inclusive ethos. I've joined their radio collective and helped record the show on NTS last month. You can check out the June ep here ! Look out for an upcoming DSFL special on Maximum Rocknroll Remote Radio.

Speaking of MRR Radio, Resonance FM offshot Resonance Extra, which focuses on more remote, long-form and international shows has decided to take on MRR Radio. Tune in (online) at 23:00 GMT on Thursday for our debut and stay tuned 'cause all the programming on both Resonance stations is great.

Lastly, I'm working on a magazine-style radio show I've dubbed in pieces. I'll have more details soon but I thought I'd share with you one piece and that's a story I produced called The Corner. "What's the corner?" In the words of one of its patrons

"16th & Mission is an outdoor, freeform street arts workshop, an "open mic" without a mic welcoming poets, musicians, emcees, comedy...all forms of expression, in any language, representing SF's best tradition of free expression. Around 10 to 12, on the street-corner, amidst the pigeons, under the stars. Support Your Local Street-corner"

Wow, long one ! Making up for lost time. Until next time, here's The Corner. Hope you enjoy.

New music !

Sunday 19th March 2017 16:56 (PST)

(I am) working on a new collection of songs. Here is a demo for Loosie. I took advantage of some beautiful weather here in the SF Bay Area and shot some footage at Ocean Beach, edited on my phone and now present to you. Enjoy!

MRR Remote Radio

Tuesday 14th February 2017 13:00 (PST)

Yikes ! It's been a good four months since I last updated this site. Belated happy new year (both Gregorian and Chinese)! To be honest in that time besides editing Maximum Rocknroll's weekly radio show I haven't produced much. I am however working on putting together a radio magazine of my own. I have lots of thoughts on it's contents and it's really now just a case of making it happen. More to follow - stay tuned.

So while we wait for new music and the aforementioned radio magaizine I'll leave you with this; a new show in the Maximum Rocknroll radio rotation I conceived called 'MRR Remote Radio'. The idea to produced show this particualr show outside of MRR's San Francisco Bay Area home in collaboration with DJ's native to whichever region of the world is featured and focusing on the Punk, Hardcore and DIY music, scene, culture and issues of that region.

Last week's show was from Athens, Greece with Lydia taking a trip through the country’s rich and politically-charged punk past, from 1983 to 2000. Click on the player below the photo of Stress to be transported.

Between Us, Bread and Salt: Kamal Mouzawak and His Lebanon Kitchen Visions

Tuesday 4th October 2016 19:48 (PST)

Check out this warm story about overcoming war, community building and increased understanding through various innovative food projects in Lebanon. 'Between Us, Bread and Salt: Kamal Mouzawak and His Lebanon Kitchen Visions' was produced with my favourite radio producers in the world, The Kitchen Sisters.

They have dozens of other great episodes in their Fugitive Waves podcast, part of Radiotopia.

Vince Aletti's Dirty Disco

Wednesday 24th August 2016 17:56 (PST)

I was recently asked by Dirty Soup to produce this piece on famed music scribe, photographer and critic, Vince Aletti.

Vince is a renowned former Rolling Stone writer, notable for being the first person to document Disco for the magazine. He a senior editor at New York’s Village Voice for almost 20 years, where in his early days he wrote about the emerging dance scene in clubs like The Loft. He currently reviews photography exhibitions for the New Yorker magazine.

In this podcast Vince picks some of his favourite Disco tracks and speak about what makes them special. He tells us how the depth of Disco’s message, and musical innovation, was never truly appreciated at the time, and how it’s influence and push for positivity and acceptance resonate more than ever in today’s music and society.

War and Peace and Coffee

Thursday 21st July 2016 11:25 (PST)

A new radio piece I produced in collaboration with the Kitchen Sisters will air this coming Monday on NPR's Morning Edition. The piece examines the important role coffee has played in three American wars; the Civil, Vietnam and Afghan. It's been lovingly pieced together and gives a unique insight to the mindset of soliders actually fighting in these wars.

Wake up, drink coffee and listen!

Update: You can now listen to the piece on the NPR website. You can also listen in the playlist on my Radio page or below (so many options!)

Mr. Foggy's Playground

Friday 27th May 2016 21:02 (PST)

I filmed, Jason Jagel, an artist who's work I've long admired, painting a mural in the 'hood. The film includes Jason's thoughts on the design and process layered on top of a Kalou classic, 'Floundering'. Click play to taste that cake.

Soft Boiled Mix

Sunday 27th March 2016 20:25 (PST)

Essential nutrients can be found in this new musical mix - fresh for '16.

Invitation to Love (Rose Edit) vid-dee-ooh!!

Monday 29th February 2016 (PST)

Good news! I know you've been waiting for it and finally it's here. Invitiation to Love is a bit long in the tooth now, tune-wise (made that one in 2008, but in 2014 it got a makeover thanks one of my favourite musical peers Rose Droll and two years late I have recut the video that I doubt many saw in the first place. Now's the chance - watch the Invitiation To Love (Rose Edit) video below!

If you're curious footage for this vid was shot in Washington State (near and in Olympia) and Chicago, IL in the autumn of 2006.

The Thin Line b/w Floudering now online

Friday 26th February 2016 (PST)

I have put out a couple of new(ish) songs. The Thin Line is a new instrumental piece and it's joined by a reworking of 2008's Floundering. If you're interested in listening it's now availble on most major streaming services like Google Play Music and Spotify. You can also listen to both below if you have Spotify or here on

I like the artwork so I thought I'd share that too. Click for a bigger image.

Facebook x Kalou

Tuesday 23rd February 2016 (PST)

HOT OFF THE PRESS: There is a now a Kalou artist page on Facebook. If you like on connect on the ol' 'book you can 'LIKE' the page and be kept abreast of new music and goings on in my creative world.

More tapes and Kalou on music streaming services !

Friday 15th January 2016 20:13 (PST)

Woah! Happy new year any readers visitors. It's been a minute. A few things to report. First off I have put together 50 cassette tapes featuring two of my early mini-albums 2007's 'Clifford Spleenhurfer's Puzzle Pieces' and 2008's 'Eye Dears and Other Wild Life'. They're recorded on to the same high quality chrome tapes and are available for $5 on bandcamp. While you're there why not pick up a copy of 'Scrapbook: 2008-2014'. I made a second run, so 50 more copies, once these are gone there'll be no more !


In other news I also uploaded the aforementioned albums and 2007's 'Baseball Fury EP' to a number of streaming sites including Spotify, Google Play Music, iTunes, YouTube etc.

Phew, that was a lot of info, here's something calming to help you relax if you're feeling overwelmed. From 2008's 'Eye Dears and Other Wild Life', this is 'Vicodin on the Greyhound'.

Scrapbook review !

Wednesday 18th November 2015 10:34 (PST)

My Scrapbook tape got a really nice write up/review from Joe at the Guide Me Little Tape blog. You can read that HERE !

The second run of tapes is now availble with slighty trimmed tracklisting. They are recorded onto high-bias German made chrome cassettes (true story !) and are again limited to 50 copies. There won't be another run of tapes so get one while you can from bandcamp

Thanks to Joe for taking the time to listen and to those who've paid real life dollars for a copy - it's appreciated.


Spool's Out // Resonance FM

Tuesday 10th November 2015 21:19 (PST)

I had one of my tunes played on the Spool's Out show on the best radio station in the world, London's Resonance FM, Invitation To Love (Rose Edit). One for fans of Twin Peaks...

The whole show is full of atypical sound arrangements to revitalise jaded ears and minds. Check it out if you're so inclined.

Walkman mods & the teddy boys

Friday 23rd October 2015 21:59 (PST)

Today is my Dad's 62nd birthday. Happy birthday Dad!

Rob Coons was kind enough to let me play some tunes on his Maximum Rocknroll Radio show the other week. I played some older gems, new stuff I'm digging and some faves from SE London bands in the 00's. You can hear it here. Remember new MRR Radio show each Sunday! You can subscribe via iTunes by clicking here.

This is unrelated to any of my creative work but I recently modded my Walkman to allow me to use bluetooth headphones and thus get all tangled. I decided to make a guide to how to do that for anyone else that wanted to (it's very simple). You can find that here.

Projects are in the works and in the mind, stay tuned!

Taking it to (the) Maximum

Wednesday 9th September 2015 15:25 (PST)

It's been a while, a good fews months. I have started to work as podcast editior and archive co-ordinator for legendary Bay Area punk magazine Maximum Rock n Roll. You can check out each weeks hour of Punk, Hardcore, Garage etc on the MRR Radio website here.


Saturday 21th July 2015 12:42 (PST)

I am in the process of refreshing and updating this website. Hopefully the organisation is better now and the general look is a bit fresher. It's a process but that process has begun.

On a side note, I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 5 years now. I have spent over four years working with the wonderful Kitchen Sisters, I have met tons of great people and made fantastic friends. Don't believe the hype, the area may be changing but it'll never loose the spirit of social justice and a general desire to make things better for the majority and that is one of the main things that attracts me to the area.

Here's to a great second half of the year for all !

Ma Petite Alp

Saturday 21th March 2015 10:17 (PST)

A (very belated) happy new year to anyone that reads this. Here's something I made the other day.

Scrapbook: 2008-2014

Monday 29th December 2014 11:50 (PST)

I decided to compile an album of pieces I've produced over the last 6 years. It's not complete but they are my favourite original pieces, remixes, instrumentals, ideas, etc from this period.

You can download the album from Bandcamp if you fancy it and pay whatever (inc. nothing) but I also put together 50 limited edition cassette tapes! Designed and recorded by yours truly, each is a little unique and features an original MTV raps card from '91. They're just $10, again on Bandcamp.

Also, first order of a cassette receives a limited, one off, hand-made Kalou Polo shirt!


People, why?

Saturday 27th December 2014 08:43 (PST)

New music for the end of the year... 'People, why?'

Theatre For The Ears: The San Francisco Tape Music Festival

Wednesday 19th November 2014 09:30 (PST)

I've been working on and off for almost two years on this short piece on the San Francisco Tape Music Festival. Hopefully it conveys to you (if you listen) some of what I think makes it a special event. For those in the Bay Area the next festival is January 9/10/11, 2015. For more info check: sfsound.org/tape.

Park Life Gallery

Tuesday 18th November 2014 18:30 (PST)

In the last few weeks I designed and built the website for Inner Richmond, SF gem Park Life's new Gallery space in the Mission District. You can visit the new site by clicking on the image below. The archive has many beautiful pieces from over the years.


Andri Tambunan - Against All Odds: the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Papua

Thursday 13th November 2014 15:30 (PST)

Produced for PhotoPhilanthropy. Contains some beautiful, and sad photos (not by me); and all original music (by me).

ActiveStills: Photography for Social Change in Israel and Palestine

Wednesday 29th October 2014 12:31 (PST)

It's been a while since the last update. I've been producing a lot but much is still in progress. One piece that is complete though is this slideshow I put together for PhotoPhilanthropy about ActiveStills work in Israel and Palestine. It features original music by yours truly.

Bandcamp & Tapes

Sunday 7th September 2014 23:45 (PST)

Frequent visitors to this website (hello, Alyssa) may notice the links at the top have changed. The good news is that the Bandcamp page that I've had for a while but not used now has music on it. I have uploaded my first two releases to it; 2007's "Clifford Spleenhurfer's Puzzle Pieces" and 2008's "Eye Dears And Other Wild Life". You can download them both from the BandCamp on a name-your-price basis.

In other news I'm going to be updating the 'Sound' page soon in anticipation of my exciting (to me at least) plan to release to the two aforementioned albums on cassette tape. It'll be a limited run with lovely art from Hollie Theedam who designed the original Kalou deer. More on that soon, in the meantime here's 'No Need For Pesticide' from 2007 which will be included as a bonus on the "Eye Dears And Other Wild Life" download in addition to the tape. [Editor's note — broken link removed 2019/09/20]

A Happy Heart

Sunday 31th August 2014 18.59 (PST)

In the last couple of years or so a lot of my music has been in the form of sonic diary entries. Shortish songs or pieces of organised sound that express a feeling or idea or desire related to the time it was composed. Here's one from today, well completed today started yesterday. It's not one of my strongest but just like a every entry in a diary doesn't come alive with extraordinary events some soundpieces just are and that's the way they should be. [Editor's note — broken link removed 2019/09/20]

Sweet Tooth

Friday 29th August 2014 10.30 (PST)

I gave Sweet Tooth the Übernators treatment; mostly everything we did and some nice photos I salvaged from myspace. You can check here or visit the project page. Here's 'You Haven't Lived ('till You've Lived A Lie)' from EP Expanded.

Lakes Of Flagey

Sunday 17th August 2014 10.07 (PST)

Produced in Brussels, Belgium (Autumn 2012) and finished in San Francisco, California (Spring 2014)


Sunday 17th August 2014 10.07 (PST)

I played the open mic at the legendary Cafe Utah last week. Here's Red Dress/Marie from that night. [Editor's note — broken link removed 2019/09/20]

Day Dreams

Saturday 9th August 2014 13.06 (PST)

Talented artist and photographer Gözde Efe has used my piece 'Someone Else's Dream' in the trailer for her upcoming work "Day Dreams". Check it out below if you're so inclined.

Green Bicycle vs Slacker

Friday 8th August 2014 16.22 (PST)

I've always been keen to make a video for this song. It would of course involve a friend (Dylan) riding around on a green bike, but I still haven't gotten around to filming it, or buying the Super 8 camera I want to use. So, for now, I've decided to cut it with a scene from one of my all-time favourite films, Richard Linklater's 'Slacker'. Enjoy!

Made the Jukebox

Friday 25th July 2014 13.49 (PST)

Somewhere in the world you can find a jukebox with 18 choice cuts from yours truly.


Blow The Whistle

Wednesday 16th July 2014 01.32 (PST)

I've been working on and off on this for a few months now. It's been one of those that feels like it's missing something but I don't know exactly what it is. Still, I like it and maybe one day what it is will become apparent. One for the Bay.

Less Talk More Rock

Saturday 12th July 2014 11.40 (PST)

Two updates in one week, must be a record! I haven't played music live in four years since I 'busked' and I've never played in the US but that all changed yesterday when I played 'Floundering' for the first time ever (it's a song from '08). It was a little rough around the edges but I enjoyed it. Great see Josh and Rose play too. Sound's a bit iffy on this video but yah get the idea. [Editor's note — broken link removed 2019/09/20]


Monday 7th July 2014 16.20 (PST)

Something new for July with something old thrown in for good measure. Turn up the bass for this one.

Light Trees

Monday 23rd June 2014 16.25 (PST)

Something new for June.

Using Logic

Saturday 24th May 2014 11.30 (PST)

Reeeeeeeemix. I'm working on finishing up some pieces I've had in the works for a while. Stay tuned!

That Was The Week That Was...

Sunday 24th February 2014 00.12 (PST)

...and 'Devonne' is the sound of that week, Monday 17th February - Sunday 23rd February 2014.

Mickey Mantle Day

Friday 14th February 2014 22.04 (PST)

A little something to start 2014 off, even though we're already a month and a half deep. 'Mickey Mantle Day' samples a Yankees record of my Mother's. More to come...

Übernators coming re-newed

Saturday 28th December 2013 13.04 (PST)

I've had a fair bit of free time on my hands in recent months and decided to put together a mini digital Übernators repository. Check it out if you're so inclined; it's worth it for Jack's biography alone.

Click on the photo to be transported back to the mid-point of the last decade.


Sunsets and skies of San Francisco #1

Monday 21 October 2013 02.45

This one's from 6th October 2013. A epic masterpiece painted in the sky.


Happy Birthday all round

Monday 14 October 2013 14.18 (PST)

HELLO. This website has been around in some form for a while now but I just noticed that the 'redesigned version' just celebrated it's forth birthday a few days ago. While it's had periods of inactivity I'm quite impressed that it is still going and while it doesn't get the traffic of major site, one of two visitors a week/month suites me for now.

Coincidently I also just celebrated the anniversary of my birth and as a present I will present (eh, eh!?) 'Light Box' a short ditty from December 2011 which is now also getting old. Not much to this one - there was no real prep and it was from the gut. Essentially it was made as a vehicle for the great vocal samples. Win a prize if you can guess whose voice it is. I'm working on new guitar-based music (songs you could say) and also an interesting radio style piece. Stay tuned. [Editor's note — broken link removed 2019/09/20]

Link me

Tuesday 3 September 2013 23.31 (PST)

In the case that you're reading this and are one of those who wants to be connected via every social medium [I don't have proof that 'those' actually exist] or you want to offer me the job of a life time you can now access my LinkedIn account by clicking on the little 'in' image at the top of every page.

Should you find yourself feeling lazy and want something closer to home you can now also click here. Minor update but worth mentioning. For the uninitiated, 'Link me' is London slang for meeting up, now you know.

New/old music: Invitation To Love (Rose Edit)

Sunday 18 August 2013 13.23 (PST)

This tune was made in the summer of 2008 but is now properly complete five years later because it has Rose Droll's voice on it. It's not too hard to tell which TV show I was engrossed in at the time. Rose's music is really special, you can here more of it here and/or check out a video of her playing my favourite of her songs, 'The Thin Line'.

Healdsburg, CA

Thursday 8 August 2013 12.52 (PST)

Last weekend I went up to my friend's hometown, Healdsburg, California. I partially documented the experience by riding around his block on a bike filming with my phone. A couple summer's ago I made a tune and named it after the town so the obvious next step was to put the two together and that's what you can see below.

[Edit 18th September 2014: Video no longer available]

Back in the fold - sounds in tow

Thursday 11 July 2013 01.22 (PST)

Wow, it's been a long time since this website was updated. I would love to say it's because the mounds of creative work I've produced has consumed all my time but that would be a lie. I have though produced a few rough sketches that'll most probably remain as such. My main concern these days is to catch the feeling of the moment and if that means scruffy lo-fi recording then so be it. Editing afterwards can often flesh out the skelton and that is the case with these recent pieces.

The first was produced in May and is a remix of Nas' "Life's a Bitch". I'm calling it "Life's A Bitch (Grit-T's Balboa Street Remix)" - Grit-T in this case being me, and Balboa, the street I produced it on. Clever title I thought. You can peep it below.

Next up, subtitled, "Something for June' is "Conflict for Handling". It's a sad one to me, but there's joy to be found. Silver linings and all.

Lastly there's "Quartz", completed just at the end of June. There's not much to say about this one. Take it as you will, if you choose to take it at all. One thing I will say is that I wanted to name a song Quartz for a number of years and I'm glad I finally made a piece that perfectly suited the name. Peep it below.

In other news I recently tidied up my SoundCloud page and it's now not only a lot better organised but also hosts a lot of my soundwork from the past that many people wouldn't remember, primarily because they never heard it. However, for the few that have been craving it (I'm sure they exist somewhere) the SoundCloud page and by extension the 'Sound' page on this website now play host to, amongst other work, classic Ubernators tracks from 04/05, Sweet Tooth's 'EP Extended' from 2007 and an EP I recorded under the moniker 'Clifford Spleenhurfer' called Puzzle Pieces. I have a great deal of love for a lot of this old work and I want them to live on past the life on my hard-drive.

New and reconfigured songs are in the works and I promise to myself to be more punctual with updating this fine website. That's all for now.

Got It Twisted (Filthy Man's Club Mix)

Thursday 28 March 2013 17.15 (PST)

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to. So, here's something I mocked up while teaching my good friend, Ciaron, the basics of MPC programming. It's one verse of a remix of Mobb Deep's 'Got It Twisted', and dedicated to the Filthy Man aka Dylan Dekay-Bemis who gave the MD record. Check out some of his big mixes here: https://soundcloud.com/dekaysf

This probably won't go much further than this so soak it up. Finished products will eventually come to fruition, ideas only go so far.

Also here's a nice photo of Ciaron, the MPC 4000 and the San Francisco sunset.

This remix is no longer available but check out this playlist for other remixes.

Bittersweet Ice

Sunday 03 February 2013 02.46 (PST)

Something new from something old.

Sounds For Days: Bisous (Ascent From Dream)

Saturday 19 January 2013 20.42 (PST)

2012 Ixelles, Bruxelles vs 2009 Stockwell, London

Sounds For Days

Saturday 19 January 2013 01.04 (PST)

I heard a piece on the radio a few weeks ago about a woman who went through one whole year doing a good deed every day. I've often thought of imposing a similar level of discipline on myself, albeit in the form of production rather that good-will [For the record I've already got that covered]. Last year I started a folder on my Desktop named '2012'. It was to be home to all the fabulous work I completed throughout the year. Needless to say it was as full by the end of the year as I'd hoped.

Two days ago I settled down at my MPC, always a comforting experience, and constructed a short piece of music using some samples. The next day, I took short piece of guitar-playing I'd recorded four or more years ago and added what it needed to make it whole. The point is I started 'Songs For Days'. Short or long, pieces of music or sound or radio or whatever I produced or just completed on that a specific day. I'm not going to kid myself and say I'll keep it up all year but I sincerely hope by the end of the year the 2013 folder looks a lot healthier than last years.

Happy New Year

Friday 11 January 2013 17.02 (PST)

Happy New Year! This website in some form or another is celebrating it's fifth year of existence! Although I'm often tardy with updates (and the fact the no one really reads then we I do) I still think it's a cause for celebration. To get things rolling I just had a glug of Budweiser. Why Budweiser well because I'm in the US again and that's just how people get down over here. That's not strictly true, no one seems to drink it.

Anyway, as I'm still settling back in I thought I'd tide you over with some music I made in the last decade. Between 2003 and 2007, 'Übernators' existed. They were made up of myself and Jack Craig, a genius if I ever met one (which I did, him). We made lo-fi music, played gigs around south east London and once even east (93 Feet East to be precise). We even supported the Berkeley 'laptop-rap' pioneer MC Lars.

In 2005 we took the recording out of my bedroom in Catford and into a studio in Croydon. Below are the results of that 'session'. I creatively titled the resulting EP 'Studio Songs'. We didn't really do anything with it and for a while I wasn't really a fan but listening back now I can dig it more.

New fantastic sounds are coming in 2013 and polished versions of older gems. I promise every new year that it'll be a productive one but I'm confident this year it'll be more than just talk. See you soon lonesome reader.

Pink and Yellow Trees

Saturday 8 December 2012 20.38

I recorded this song back in the Spring of 2009 in Stockwell and always had an idea in my head for the visual element. When in Louisiana in the summer of that same year I recorded a bit of footage I thought could be edited to the song but ever got around to actually doing it, until now that is. Unfortunately, for a reason I couldn't identify, I was unable to export the finished video so had to record the screen. As a result the quality of the video is diminished somewhat. I'm happy that's it's completed in some form though because it was always in the back of my mind. Plus, if you don't make it full-screen, choose 480p and squint, it looks okay. Enjoy.


Monday 8 October 2012 11.34 (GMT +1)

It's again been a while, almost five months since I last graced this website with an editing presence - but better late than never I say. While it's not exactly 'Winter' yet as the title suggest, it already could pass for it here in Brussels where I'm currently laying my head (and body). I've departed the city by the bay for now and as a result again changed time zone, which is helpfully reflected under the aforementioned title - for those that require extreme context when reading 'blogs'.

I want to pose the imaginary question 'So what's been up?', but I think that may be a bit much for a blog that not many read, so I will just state the basics. BUSK SF, didn't end up happening. Perhaps somewhere down the line it'll come to fruition - only time (and my desire) will tell.

I continued to do bits and pieces with the Kitchen Sisters over the summer and hope to still help out. They are launching a great sounding new series with KQED called 'The Making Of' which will will focus on the making of a number of projects developed in the Bay Area, from the iPhone to the Bay Bridge. The Homobiles piece I mentioned in the April 30th entry will air on KQED (and most probably other NPR stations) on tomorrow morning's 'Morning Edition'.

In other news, I spend a bit of time over the summer as the sound recordist for a film a friend was producing. We filmed predominantly in Golden Gate Park late at night. It was very cold. I'll be working soon on the audio side of post-production for that, 'stay tuned'. As I don't have anything new to post today I thought it'd be a good idea to tie up this post with a song that's now almost five years old, 'Winter'.

Speak soon.

Never On A Sunday: The Hidden World Of Elena Fonseca

Monday 21 May 2012 12.27 (PST)

Hello my faithful one or two readers. I'm spoiling you now - two new pieces in three days. This one isn't quite as new though as I've been working on it for almost a year. It's the story of a remarkable women from Montevideo called Elena Fonseca. Elena was a diplomats wife who lived in a number of countries around the world before returning to Uruguay to find her country in the midst of a civil and military dictatorship.

In this piece Elena discusses what life was like for those inside and outside jail during the dictatorship; the events that lead to a transition to democracy and 'Never On A Sunday' the women's radio programme she hosts along with her group Cotidiano Mujer.

Busking In Vegas: The Journey Of Marc Drama

Friday 18 May 2012 18.49 (PST)

A few weeks ago my friend Ciaron and I went to Las Vegas, Nevada to "see it for ourselves". Walking down Fremont street in Downtown Vegas we stumbled upon Marc Drama, a busker who wasn't short of a story let alone a song. So engaging was Marc that I decided to record him and his busking and produce this piece.

Mark speaks about his journey through life thus far, his passion for music and performing and a recent chance encounter with comedian Russell Brand.


Monday 30 April 2012 17.22 (PST)

It really is.

If you take a gander at the top of this site you'll see I've made it easier than ever to connect with yours truly on a variety of platforms so if you are so inclined please feel free to holler. I also re-designed the 'Sound' page. I think it makes a lot more sense this way, but if you think differently test out the mail icon and let me know. In other news:

The Elena Fonseca piece for the Kitchen Sisters should be unleashed in the very near future. 

I went to Pop-Up Magazine for the second time last week and it was excellent. A really interesting and diverse set of pieces were performed and it was engaging throughout. It thought it'd be strange in such a big venue as SF's Davies Symphony Hall (last time I saw it we sat on the floor in MOMA) but it still felt intimate due to the nature of the work and those who presented it. I thought my friend Julia DeWitt did a great job producing the Homobiles piece with the Kitchen Sisters - a taster of their upcoming 'Making Of...' series.

I haven't been completely creatively idol. Yesterday I started work on a cover of Lana Del Ray's 'Video Games'. I use the word cover in the loosest of senses. See if you can join the dots... This piece is a work in progress, not sure about that bass...

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois.

Alanis would be proud

Friday 20 April 2012 20.56 (PST)

I've often thought, as I'm sure others have also, that many of the situations Alanis Morrisette describes in her song 'Ironic' weren't in really that ironic, more they were unfortunate. However, I believe there is some irony in the fact that my last post was entitled 'Getting Social' and followed by over two months of inactivity.

Today I'm rectifying that. I have been working hard on a piece for the Kitchen Sisters, which is so close to being complete that decimal places in a percentage wouldn't to it justice. More about that when it's done. I will however disclose it's title, for the one or two people who may read this blog and be anxious to know. It's called 'Never On A Sunday: The Hidden World Of Elena Fonseca' and is probably one of the last in the Hidden World of Girls series.

Getting Social

Sunday 12 February 2012 23.15 (PST)

I was going to write some dribble about embracing change and getting with the times but bun that. I re-activated the Twitter account that I never used the first time around and I'm actually active now. If you want to follow or tweet me please do so:

Give Up These Days

Thursday 09 February 2012 10.53 (PST)

I produced this piece of music at the beginning of 2011 when I fell in love with Nico's 'These Days' and in the last few days again attempted to blend it with another favourite, 'Give Up The Goods' by Mobb Deep. Think it would have worked better were unwanted sound not leaking from the acapella, if the beat had been at the same bpm as the acapella, if the beat had more variation and if the acapella didn't skip a verse. 'Anywhoo', here it is.

"Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods - (Kalou's Give Up These Days Remix)" (2012)

In Search of Christina McKechnie

Thursday 12 January 2012 13.38 (PST)

On the 11th of December my friend Patty Fung and I ventured south from San Francisco to Campbell, California in search of Christina McKechnie. Ms. McKechnie, or Likky, as she's sometimes referred to, was part of a group in the 1960's called the 'Incredible String Band'. She mysterious disappeared around the time of the original Woodstock and little is know about her whereabouts or what she is doing now. The sound piece below documents our quest to locate 'Licorice' McKechnie.


Saturday 31 December 2011 17.29 (PST)

Rah, it's been time since the last update. Happy new year! 2012 promises much and I'm sure it'll deliver.

Sonic Tube Map is complete!

Saturday 22 October 2011 02.29 (GMT)


After a long journey that lasted over two years, my London Sonic Tube Map project has reached its final destination. With the immense help of Brian Gruber, who provided extensive maintenance work on the tracks, customers are now able to board the sonic trains without having to use MaxMSP, as the project is stationed, and operational from this very site.

Take the short walk to the Sonic Tube Map page and enjoy a few sonic journeys around London (no Oyster needed). Feedback is always welcome email me.

Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday 13 October 2011 15.30 (GMT)

Today is my 26th birthday. I've been updating this website for the last few hours so I thought I might as well wish myself a happy birthday. 26 does seem old, but I plan to make it a great year, and considering I still get ID'd in pubs, age really is just a number.

This is my present to myself, 'Bad Bad Boys' by Midi, Maxi and Efti. I'm all about this group at the moment.

Things done changed

Monday 10 October 2011 21.21 (GMT)

Since my last update BUSK SF hasn't really seen progress worthy of writing about. I have however updated this website a little adding some new and old work to the 'Sound' page and updating my 'About' section a little.

Work on all fronts will soon come together and I'll have progress to report in the coming weeks and months.


Sunday 28 August 2011 14.04 (PST)


One of the ideas I initially planned to execute when I moved to San Francisco was create a new version of my BUSK project specific to the city. Due to time restraints (and a serious lack of self-motivation) I haven't until now taken any steps to make it happen. I now have the desire to continue the project and create this new version.

During my year in the city I have noticed quite a few Buskers. While there is perhaps not quite as many as in London, the city is 1/8 the size of London in terms of population - which could well be a factor, there is enough diversity of acts to make the project stimulating to me and I believe sonically and visually interesting to an audience.

The buskers in San Francisco are not as concentrated in specific areas as they are in London. There is no equivalent to either the Sound Bank or Convent Garden. As a result the San Francisco version of the project will be less focused on creating the illusion that when performed BUSK is just another act performing amongst his peers.

BUSK SF will instead focus more on celebrating the diversity of performers in the city from which sound and visuals can be extracted. Performances will not necessarily be set in the locations where the original footage was collected, although I do plan on performing in Fisherman's Wharf, one area that consistently hosts buskers. There will be more of an emphasis on the original work I can create with the sounds collected, ultalising them all to their full potential.

I'm really excited about the prospect of BUSK SF and I hope to get started on the recording of performers as soon as possible.

My Mother

Sunday 28 August 2011 13.47 (PST)

Wow! It really has been far too long since I last updated this site. Over five months in fact. If anyone has been trying to download the 'collection of sound pieces' compilation below, I am aware that the link doesn't work and I am working on fixing it.

My Mother

In the time since my last update I have been working hard at the day job but also doing some creative work. I finished a piece for the Kitchen Sisters entitled 'My Mother'. To create the Mother's Day piece I listened through all the phone messages we've received through our Hidden World of Girls NPR phone line, cut those related to mothers and used some great music to tie it all together. The result can be heard by click on the picture above or listening to below.

A Collection of Sound Pieces: 2007-2011

Monday 16 March 2011 19.52 (PST)

I put together this compilation of music/sound pieces so that anyone who wishes to can get an idea of what I've been producing in the last four years. To download just right click on the cover and save. For track listing click here.

Sampling and the democratisation of music production

Saturday 14 March 2011 14.50 (PST)


Just over a year ago I completed my dissertation and I have finally gotten around to uploading it to this website. It is titled:

'How does the increased accessibility of sampling contribute to the notion of the democratisation of music production'

If your interested in reading it please click this here.

ELSA 2010 on Resonance FM

Monday 14 February 2011 23.029 (PST)

On the 1st and 2nd of June 2010, Rollo Smallcombe and Matt Domino hosted a couple of one hour radio shows on London's Resonance FM in preparation for our classes BA Sound Art and Design graduation show. The works played showcased the diversity of the material produced by the class dubbed ELSA (Emerging London Sound Artists) 2010.

It's taken me long enough to do it, but I finally got around to taking the files which I recorded in June and uploading them. Should you wish to download them, simply right-click 'download' next to the player and save the file.

"Matt and Rollo on 104.4 Resonance FM Part 2 "

"Matt and Rollo on 104.4 Resonance FM Part 2"

Working with the Kitchen Sisters

Monday 14 February 2011 21.39 (PST)

A month or so ago I began interning at the HQ of two San Francisco-based radio programme producers, collectively known as the Kitchen Sisters. The KS create excellently thought out programmes with a consistently pleasing sonic aesthetic. While they commonly work for a while around one theme, such is the depth of their imagination that each piece works in isolation. There work can be heard on National Public Radio (NPR) and also streamed on their own website.

Their latest theme is called 'The Hidden World Of Girls'. I have been helping out with editing and production, most recently editing phone messages in which the public are given license to recall their own stories of girls and women. When this work is published I shall post a link up here. Until then though, check out the Kitchen Sisters and in particular 'The Hidden World Of Girls'.

Next Hype

Thursday 03 February 2011 11.08 (PST)

Happy new year! It's been almost two months since I last posted and promised to bare music fruits. While those fruits are still to be fully grown, they are making progress. In the meantime, I have been working on a remix of Tempa T's 'Next Hype' and finished it yesterday. Check the video below. MP3 and Instrumental versions are on the 'Sound' page.

Tempa T - Next Hype (Kalou's City Funk Remix)

No more floundering

Saturday 11 December 2010 12.58 (PST)

Again it's been too long since I last updated this website. I am determined to complete one of these long promised 'new' songs before the calendar switches to 2011. I also hope to put together an EP as I said a month ago. Perhaps this updates only purpose is to reinforce this idea to myself, but that's okay.

No more floundering, 'Floundering' coming soon.

Recent Developments

Tuesday 09 November 2010 14.32 (PST)

It's been about a month since I last updated the site. Paid work has been taking precedence over everything else recently, but exciting developments are in the works. I am finally making headway on an online version of the Sonic Tube Map. This version will be completely freed from Max MSP and should be able to run on a multitude of operating systems and browsers. There is nothing to show yet but once it is ready to be released this website will be the first place to see it.

I am also working on completing a new set of songs and I hope to digitally release through this website an EP of sorts for free. Tasters to come soon!

Free London Underground tube train sounds

Sunday 10 October 2010 01.02 (PST)

I'm aware many people enjoy the sound of trains and that recordings of them can be of use to other artists in their own projects as effects. I am offering for free the eleven London Underground tube train recordings that I used in my 'Sonic Tube Map'. All I ask in return is that if you use the recordings in a commercial project that you credit me.

Each recording is unique and captures a specific sound that the trains make while in motion (believe it or not - there are a number!). The recordings are each seven seconds long, in WAV format and were captured using binaural microphones and were recorded in Linear PCM format using a Sony RZ-1 Mini-Disc recorder. Below are my two favourites from the pack.

'Tube 5' (2009)

'Tube 7' (2009)

The 12.4mb zip file can be download here.

Alternatively you can sample and download uncut individual files corresponding to the specific tube lines (i.e., Victoria, Central etc.) from the Sonic Tube Map page here.

Bonus! Everyone's favourite announcement, as seen on T-shirts all over Camden.

'Mind the gap'

Wu-Tang Klang

Wednesday 06 October 2010 17:53 (PST)

On the 2nd of October this website celebrated it's one year re-vamp anniversary. To celebrate I have switched things up a bit again and got rid of the 'frame'. Hopefully this will make the site a bit easier and simpler to navigate.

A few days ago I edited together a video for a song I made earlier in the year entitled 'Wu-Tang Klang'. As the title suggests the songs takes elements of Karlheinz Stockhausen's 'Klang' work and rearranges them around the accapella to the excellent Wu-Tang Clan song 'Cream'. If you don't enjoy it I hope at least you'll appreciate the pun!

Forty Stories

Thursday 30 September 2010 21:51 (PST)

I intended the piece to be a continuous stream of eight millions sentences linked together by the last word in the proceeding sentence, using the surrealist technique know as Exquisite Corpses to compose an indeterminable unified story from many shorter individual ones. I choose 8 million, as the idea for the piece came from watching the film 'The Naked City' which contains the line, 'There are eight million stories in the naked city'.

8 million turned out to be unpractical as unfortunately did 80. Still, I enjoyed the process of putting this together and want to greatly thank all those who contributed to the piece. I created a second piece entitled 'My Story' which is dedicated to all those who helped out with the original.

"Forty Stories (Original)" (2010) - Read the transcript here

"Forty Stories (My Story)" (2010)

An update from the West

Thursday 30 September 2010 18:03 (PST)

I have decided that 'BUSK' will return to London's South Bank bigger and better next year. I feel the project has a lot further to go and I'll be working hard, practicing and improving my skills with the old MPC 500. Just like an acoustic instrument one needs practice to get better at performing and I hope to add some fresh sounds to the mix. Look out for it in 2011, it's going to be big!

In other news, I am trying to work out a way to embed the London Sonic Tube Map into this website. So far I haven't had any success so if anyone reading this happens to know to how one goes about embedding a MaxMSP patch into a website, please contact me.

I hope to have some more progressive news soon. I'm finishing up a new version of a song I wrote in 2008 called 'Floundering' and I will upload that once I'm done. Take care and really do. Life is fragile.

San Francisco, California

Sunday 15 August 2010 01:28 (PST)

After three years and a lot of hard grind, University is over and I have relocated for an indefinite time to San Francisco, California, USA. I feel that a change of scenery for a while will hopefully prove fruitful in terms of finishing and expanding a number of my recent projects and also in order to start working (with my new found free time) on more conventional music in order to play live again. It's been too long.

Project-wise there are a couple of ideas in the short term I want to focus on. The first is the Sonic Tube Map, which I hope to make a stand alone programme free from Max MSP which could run on the website. I would also like to create a San Francisco/Bay area version of the map.

The other idea was proposed to me by the creator of the website San Francisco Hiking. Alex Genadinik's website attempts to get Californians outside and into the extraordinary nature that surrounds them. My task would be to make field recordings in Muir Woods, an area famed for it's huge Redwood trees. The initial idea we've conceived is that the varying sounds I'd record would be be incorporated into the website and initiated when the user's cursor is over the relevant area on the page.

Another change that coming with my relocation will be the frequency with which I update this website. Expect changes, and often.

BUSK Project - Documentary

Thursday 9 July 2010 16:37

What's the 411!?

Friday 24 June 2010 16:37

I am still slowly revamping this website. Hopefully some new music will appear soon. The Sonic Tube Map has undergone some changes to improve the layout and hopefully (time permitting) I will soon implement some new features into it that'll make it a lot easier for one to follow their journey.

I hope to perform BUSK one last time in the next month so if you are interested in seeing it please check back soon as I will put the details up on this page.

Virtual Facelift II

Friday 11 June 2010 17:48

This website is currently being rebuilt again!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010 15.59

It has been a long time since I updated this website but that is because I have been busy working on numerous projects. Most of my time recently has been spent developing the BUSK project.

I have composed a short film using the sounds and visuals of the buskers I've recorded in preparation for the busking I will do this week (more details to follow). The film can be viewed the revamped BUSK page, on YouTube here or right below this string of words

How Big Is Your House

Saturday, January 23, 2010 00.54

Bit late this update, but just before Christmas I was asked by Ellen of Kids Love Lies to produce a video for their charming song How Big Is Your House. I did just that. KLL are touring in March so check them out!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010 23.02

Happy New Year to everyone who's on the Gregorian calender! A majority of my time in the first half of this year will be spent working on my Busk project. I'm excited by the projects potential but it needs a lot of work and time to really succeed.

If you are reading this and happen to be a busker or street performer that busks in London, please e-mail me as it would be helpful to know whereabouts of some artists as well as using the pot-luck method. In addition to locating buskers I'd like to formulate a questionnaire to gather ideas about how artists approach busking, their views on composition/improvisation and how they feel they are regarded by the public. If you'd be interested in completing that please e-mail me at info@kalou.co.uk.

Last post of the decade

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 01.28

So, the 00's are nearly done. They have been a real mixed bag personally but I feel optimistic about the next decade. In recent news, I was asked to produce a video for the Kids Love Lies song "How Big Is Your House", I did so and the result can be seen on the Video page. I have other things in the preverbal pipeline but time will have to tick on a bit more until those details become disclosed.

Have a great new year anyone reading this. Don't make the mistake of fretting too much about what to do, but at the same time do something or at least have some company. I have experienced solitude on new years eve and it's not pretty. Til' 2010!

Sonic Tube Map

Saturday, November 21, 2009 01.58

There is now a page dedicated to the 'Sonic Tube Map' project I worked on earlier in the year. The original patch can be downloaded from this page and I'd encourage people interested in the work to read the future development section.

Operation: Complete

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 14:16

Well, finally I think this website is complete. There are of course some small issues that need to be ironed out, but on the whole it is functioning well. Expect small changes, updates and improvements in the website in the next few weeks.

Making a website...

Sunday, 25 October, 2009 18:39

...is a nightmare! I have just spent the past 5 hours or so trying to correct the smallest of things, without any success. I'm moving on now.

I'm listening to John Oswald's "Plunderphonics" CD right now, so here's a bit of Oswald's work for you to enjoy and also a good excuse to test out embedding code.

Good things come to those who wait

Friday 24 October 2009 00:34

Still slowly building the new website. It has been a good while since any work was put into it, but there is now a completed 'About' page and my intention is to get the rest finished very soon.

Virtual Facelift

Friday 2 October 2009 23:45

This website is currently being rebuilt.

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